Thursday, April 30

Bento #86

Jaimie decided to wake up at 5am this morning for no apparent reason. Luckily I slept early last night (11.30pm!!) after I finished marking a pile or worksheets (yes!! at 11.30pm!!) so I didnt feel too bad today. Maybe it's the long weekend which is coming up keeps my spirits high.
I didn't fry the bee hoon. It was left over from last night's dinner at my MIL's place. Initially I had no intention to make any bento today. I planned to just heat up the bee hoon in the microwave and pack them in disposable boxes. However, since I was woken up at 5am, I might as well do something more.

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Angeline said...

My body rejects beehoon since young. I have no explanation for it. I'll vomit every time I eat beehoon.
*shrugged shoulders*