Friday, May 15

Bento #87

I haven't been making bentos lately. I am feeling so fatigue and exhausted lately. Besides being very busy at work, I have not been sleeping well lately too because Jaimie has been unwell for the few weeks. In fact, it became worst today, which I shall blog about in the next post. An extra half an hour of sleep in the morning is very crucial to me now. I still bring my own lunch to school but it is usually just cold soba or brown rice.

This bento is easy and nice! Cold tofu and cold noodles. Tastes excellent when it you put it in the fridge and eat them during lunch time.

For the cold tofu, I tried to mimic the cold tofu from Central Cafe in Takashimaya B1. Together with the tofu was soba sauce, seaweed and pork floss. Instead of layering the pork floss between the sliced tofu, I just put the seaweed and pork floss in a seperate container and pour over the tofu before I ate it. Tastes yummy!

This is a nice cold lunch on a hot day!

4 voices:

wolfgirl said...

The cold tofu.. just ordinary tofu?

Need to cook?

Or just fresh from the box??

looks yummy and very very healthy!

Angie said...

look at the label on the tofu box. gt the one meant for 凉拌。just open and eat. no need to cook!

wolfgirl said...

I dun believe it! Went to the Fairprice near my home.. none of the tofu is meant for cold dishes...!!!

Must go Cold Storage tomorrow!

wolfgirl said...

This tofu dish is superb!!!

HIghly recommended!!!

Nutritious and great tasting!