Wednesday, April 1

Bento #79

Frying Udon is really quite easy and delicious. Since (1) YH missed my bento #78 and I have left over ingredients, I made fried udon again today. Replacing the chicken balls is minced chicken.

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Aces Family said...

hi Angie,

Can share the fried udon recipe..looks delicious.


Angie said...


it's ultra easy. basically you put whatever you like in the udon... i put green pepper, red pepper, mushrooms and minced chicken. fry with garlic first. no need seasoning. then dish them out, put aside. add some water to oyster sauce, pour them into the pan and throw in your udon. when the oyster suace is almost soaked up by the udon, pour in your green pepper etc. stir them around till the sauce is almost all soaked up and you're done!

Angie said...

you can check out the original recipe here from absolutfaith's blog.

Angeline said...

My favourite bento box from ALL your collection!!! *laugh* I'm bias!

小的 said...

it was really yummy leh!!!
thank you soooo much for making one again!

LZmommy said...

Yes :) It is the easiest! Haven't cook that for a long time... Drooling to have some of it after looking at yours :)