Friday, March 20

Mr Baoz

My Malaysian colleague, Violet bought me a bun from Mr Baoz.

I wasted no time in sinking my teeth into the delicious and pretty looking fusion steamed bun that I forgot to take picture of it.

I bugged my brother to go to JB City Square to buy the buns for me. Clement and I ate 6 buns in a day. We forgot to take pictures again. By the time we remembered, the buns were already in our stomach. Each bun is the same size as the big steamed pork bun you get from Hong Guan.

I am looking forward to Violet buying more buns for us to share on Monday morning when school reopens.

Enough said.

4 voices:

wolfgirl said...

wow... they look like donuts with glazed toppings.

Joyce Long said...

Wah..look like this will be coming to Spore like those donuts craze hor..

Angeline said...

ok, so MONDAY, pleassseee remember to take photos before you bite into them!!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your support & am glad that you love the baoz. Have a nice day & hope to see you again,

Mr Baoz