Thursday, March 26

I Hate Thursdays

Some of my friends know I freaking hate my Thursdays because of my extremely hectic timetable for this day.

5.5hours of lessons is stretching my physical endurance to its limits. Most of the time, because of lessons progress, it is impossible to plan for some classes to do work during class time. In other words, I have to stand for 5.5hours in front of a class of 20-30 students, use my strength to project my voice for 5.5hours, concentrate very hard for 5.5hours... it is entirely different from sitting behind your working desk for 5.5hours.

Like today, I ended my day with a bad ache at the back of my neck which stretched down to my entire back. My throat felt a little sore. I am having this lightheaded sensation that if I turn my body too fast, I might lose my balance. Needless to say, I am not in a good mood either due to the physical and mental tiredness.

Well, I don't blame the timetabling committee for such timetables because they have many, many, many constraints to look into. And I am not saying I am the most pathetic soul because there are many people who worked really hard too. I am just letting off steam here.

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Meekfreek said...

Hang in there! Hopefully it won't last too long. Anyway, I was showing your Chinese posts to my Mainland Chinese friend Herbert (who studied Law at Shanghai University) and he said you write so well, like a Chinese journalist that even University educated Chinese cannot write as well as you. He said your "articles" are a joy to read! So you see, all the hard work you have put in all these years has paid off and now you are an expert in your field that even native speakers can look upon your linguistic capabilities with awe usually reserved for those much older than yourself.

At the very least you can bask in the fact that you are truly GOOD!

Angie said...

ooo... Herbert is really very kind. I feel so honoured and flattered.

Thanks for the encouragement, MF!