Friday, March 27

Bento #77

Last night I told Clement I would not want to wake up early to make bento the next day because I was very, very tired. I needed that extra 45mins of sleep. I was not going to care about the unfinished food in the fridge.

However, this morning at 4am, the princess who had gone diaperless for almost a year had a little accident. She wet herself a little before she woke up and told me she wanted to go to the toilet. After cleaning her up and changed her pyjamas, I looked at the clock -- 4am.

Oh well. Since my mom gave me some yummy fried carrots yesterday, I shall just cook some brown rice to go along with it. Aiyah, there's a little broccoli left. Ok, I shall slice them up and blanch them. Hmmm... some seaweed chicken will taste good, throw a few in the oven lah. Ohhh.. so many tomatoes and zucchini left, huh. Pack them in the box, don't waste food.

What? I made my bento #77 at 4am?

Excellent. Let me go back to bed now.

4 voices:

totoro12 said...

Hi Angie

Wow, the colour coordination is good. Pei4fu2 that you did this at 4am. :)

Vivien said...

Looks like the wee morning did not make u blur blur leh...u still can come up with such creation!

Angeline said...

Oooo....the red cherries!!! I'm in!

Rachel said...

wow..healthy and simple!!! hee.. i guess I will be doing the same in 2-3 weeks time, waking up at ungodly hours to bf the new baby and preparing bento for my 2 princess. :)