Sunday, February 22

Warming Viv's and Jac's new house

Viv and Jacky moved to a really beautiful house recently and they invited us for house warming today! And we were going to have a popiah party! How nice! Viv is an top class chef so please do not even ask me whether the popiah are nice. Of course they are yummy yummy!

Spacious and homely dining area. Wolfgirl helping herself to another cup of sprite plus orange juice with MINT. *roll eyes* Well, this herbal plant thing is a private joke among the few of us.
Ok, and she had baked chicken wings with BASIL! *roll eyes again*
Viv, we're so envious of your herbal plants...
Jaimie made herself very at home.
Jaimie and Ezra. Sigh. Look, I am quite sure they have no feelings for each other anymore. There isn't any communication and eye contact! For the background of their story, see here.
After the delicious popiah and kweh pie-tee, we tried to lock the children in the room while we had a game of Taboo. However, the children broke free of the prison decided to join their parents in this intellectual game.

It was such an enjoyable evening. Both the adults and the children had loads of fun!

Viv, this is a little message for you but I have to express it in Chinese...


3 voices:

Angeline said...

with so much fragrance (from food) and laughter (from you guys), the house is definitely warmed up!

I'm so into mint, but had NEVER TRIED that combination! Hmmm... will attempt when I'm feeling better. *wink*

Jacky said...

hi your pic makes our home looks good!! yes yes it was loads of fun yesterday!! thanks for coming.. oh thanks for the very sweet msg in chinese.. simple enough for me to read & understand & moves my heart... thanks friend & you are always welcome here

wolfgirl said...

Ya...I had so much fun...

The 'fruit punch' (with vegetable) was great!
The chicken wings.. (I did not dare to recall how many I share with RR).
The kueh pie tee was... wow.
The lap cheong in the popiah..yummy.

The company? Invincible!
(Garlic causes flatulence? Preventing 'melanoma', MJ needing sunblock)...have not had such a good laugh in a long long time!