Monday, February 23

Bento #65, #66

Frankly speaking, I didn't sleep well last night partly because I was over stimulated in the TABOO game we had in the evening t the Chuang's place. I was still thinking how some words could have been explained and lamenting the fact that I knew the word "totem" which WG was describing but she was buzzed by Clement because she said the word "tall".

Anyway, I think I slept a total of about 2 hours "this morning" and I still woke up at 5.20am to make bento. Applause, please. *bow*

Here's bento 65 and 66, basically they have the exact same ingredient. For breakfast I layered ham, diced green pepper, pineapple cubes, diced tomato and halved button mushrooms on the baguette spread with ketchup as the base and topped with mozzarella cheese. Pushed them into the oven for a good 15mins and they turned out nice and crispy but not anymore when I ate them later. Maybe I should bake a little longer. Viv packed some baked chicken wings for me and they were in my bento today! Nice and yummy! Thanks!!

Recently everybody is talking about Korean strawberries. They look really unripe but surprisingly they taste really, really sweet! They were as good as those we plucked from the strawberry farms in summer. What did the Koreans do to the strawberries to give them such sweet taste, I wonder.
This is my lunch. The same ham, mushroom, pineapples etc in animal shaped pasta. The sauce? Ketchup. Just toss them together. It's simple and delicious. I saved the chicken wings for lunch. Ohhh.. what great satisfaction! *BURP*

6 voices:

wolfgirl said...

Your bagette is WAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Looks better than Delifrance!!!!

I want to do the same thing too!!!!!

Angeline said...

oh my gosh! your chicken wing ahhhhhh!!!!!! now my keyboard is wet with my saliva!

Angie said...

unfortunately the chicken wings are not done by me. it's by Vivian!!!!!!!! :D''' i am also drooling....i must try to make the same chicken wings too!

Meekfreek said...

Not fair! Where's MY chicken wings!!!!! Love the pasta, looks delish!

Vivien said...

Wow the bentos makes one drool!!!

Making me hungry at this wee hours!!! Argh

Lydia said...

You have to eat it straight from the oven if you want it crispy... I agree with WG, they look so much better than D'le's

Viv's baked chicken wings, 看了就想咬一口!