Thursday, May 31

Glamourous Royal Gala

When Joyce told us that she made a booking for Cherrlyn to have a makeover and photo session at Glamour Kiddies, we (the mommies) were all thrilled and suggested that perhaps we should let the children take group pictures! It would be such good memory for them and also document their lovely friendship.

After much arrangement, we finally went to the studio this afternoon. First, the girls get to put on make up and do their hair, much to their delight.

Then, they get a quick nail polish on their fingers and toes.

Ezra is so dashingly handsome!

The children had a lot of fun takinig pictures. The makeover was great, the outfits were cute. However, you must not expect much from the photos taken by Glamour Kids. But it wasn't very important to us. What was most important was that the children really had so much fun dolling up for this "Royal Gala", and remembering the wonderful friendship which their mommies shared because of them. We hope these pictures will bring them fond memories and have something for them to talk about when they grow older.

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