Thursday, January 19

Bento #186

Our neighbour was baking pineapple tarts and the aroma filled OUR house!! Jaimie actually stood at the door to enjoy the smell! My very generous and kind neighbour, Pauline, packed a tin for us (yipee!! No, she didn't notice Jaimie at the door...) and the greedy little pig immediately asked for a piece.

With the pineapple tart still in her mouth, she asked me, "Mommy! Do you know how to make pineapple tarts?" "No~~ I don't! Aunty Pauline is so good at making the tarts, isn't she?"

She swallowed her mouthful of pastry and said, "How come you do not know how to make pineapple tarts? And you do not know how to bake cake. And you do not know how to sew. You only know how to make bento."


*wipe tears off the corners of my eyes*

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sherlyn said...

Nevermind, cos you are so good in bento. Better than me, who is not good in anything. :)

btw, I wonder if you are aware if those stainless steel boxes sold in Daiso are leakproof? I am looking for stainless steel bento box as I would like to put hot food .

Many thanks

Angie said...

hi sher, stainless steel bento box not found in Daiso. i found mine in those neighbourhood shops that sell all the kitchenware that you ever need, plus the brooms mops and brushes. cost about $10+, i think.

sherlyn said...

ok Angie, I know already. I go look for it. :) Thanks. Many thanks.

pearlin cheng said...

hi my organistation would like to invite you for a bento workshop. Appreciate if you could contact me at 96882268. Thank You.

sam said...

Hi Angie,

My organisation is​ embarking on a elderly befriending project with ​Thye Hwa Kwan Senior Activity @ AMK 208​.

​We would like to engage your support to conduct a Healthy Bento Making Workshop​ for the elderly during one of the befriending session​​. We hope that through the colourful and interesting presentation of the bentos, it would change their perception of healthy food ​and encourage them to embark on a healthy eating culture.

Appreciate if you could contact me at

Thank you.