Sunday, October 16

Lion City Acrobatic Show

Wolfgirl was really nice. She had some complimentary tickets and when she texted me and asked me if I was keen to bring Jaimie to watch the "Lion City Acrobatic Show", I said ok. I had totally no idea what it was and thought it was some acrobatic performances by our very own local talents.

Well, it turned out that it was a National Education journey for our youngs one. And the acrobats were from Shanghai! The show was divided into 5 acts. Act 1 would be the beginning of Singapore, starting from Sang Nila Utama braved a thunderstorm and landed in Singapore. And then the development of Singapore and then you know the rest of the story.

The children were quite impressed with the laser, sound, light, colours, dance, acrobatic performance etc. Honestly it was an impressive performance with some humor injected into the show. My personal favourite dances were (1) the Rickshaw Dance. It was quite funny and it showed us the days in the early 19th century and (2) Traffic Police Dance. Yes, those were the days when the policemen were mostly Indians and wore shorts! (3) "The Fluttering Romance", where the 2 performers danced (flew) around the air with the support of 2 long red cloth (supposedly the curtains of the newly-wed's bed. Erm, don't ask me how this is linked to the "Lion City" theme.

The finale was the most hilarous part. A giantic comical looking Merlion was pushed out onto the stage and even had water jetting out from its mouth! And there were fountains in front of the stage too. Rain and Jaimie held hands, waved them in the air when "We are Singapore" was played and they sang out loud too. Wolfgirl, Clement and myself were half the time rolling our eyes and half the time laughing at the children.

This show will amuse the children very much but it was just ok for the adults. Anyway, thanks, Wolfie, for inviting us to the show which we would otherwise will not pay $128 per ticket to go!

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