Saturday, September 10

1st Half Marathon and a Marathon Week

This September is a memorable one. I did my first half marathon and in one week, I did a marathon's distance worth of exercising!

4 September 2011 - SAFRA Bay Run/ Army Half Marathon, 21km.
With encouragement and challenges from my running buddy Wolfie, I completed my 21km in about 2hr 30mins.

I was in quite good form that day and ran the entire 21km. So proud of myself! My average speed was 8.4km/h.

7 Sept 2011 - MacRitchie Resevoir, 10.5km

From the fun photos you know that we didn't run. We walked (exercised our legs) and talked (exercised our mouth) and laughed (exercised our facial muscles) for 10.5km. We took about 2hr 20min.

8th Sept, 10th Sept 2011 - 2x5km on treadmill

I ran at 10.1km/h and 10.2km/h for 5km on the 2 days respectively.

In total, I did a marathon distance in a week! :))

Now, my resolution for 2012 is to do a full marathon in 6hrs!

I hope I will be able to do that!

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