Sunday, July 10

France, Paris, See you again!

We spent our last few days in Paris doing more sightseeing and shopping. The plan which Cedric and Elodie drawn out for us was changed "every 30 seconds" (in Cedric's words) because we were falling sick one by one. It's Clement's turn to run a high fever while Pam's 2 children had not gotten much better. This picture was taken behind the Paris Opera House. That's the "full strength" for that day.
Fragonard is THE famous perfume maker in France. I bought some for my friends.

Paris Opera House, front view.

Then we proceeded to the 7th floor of Galleries Lafayette, where the viewing gallery was. The interior design is stunningly beautiful!

At the viewing gallery, where we could see the entire Paris.

After lunch, Cedric had to go back to the office and Elodie took over as the tour guide. Terry brought the kids to join the afternoon tour after they had rested in the morning. Poor Xaeus and Xalicia. Their fever just wouldn't go down.

Moulin Rouge was our next destination!

The children were super excited about Eiffel Tower.

Jaimie broke into a dance in her excitment.=.=''' This is so Bollywood.

We didn't go up the Eiffel Tower as the tickets were sold out till next week!!! And we went for our boat ride along River Seine. Clement was feeling very unwell and he didn't take any pictures.

The next day, which was the second last day in Paris, Clement was running a very high fever already so he didn't join us for the morning. He rested at home with Elodie while we visited Notre Dame therefore no pictures. He joined for lunch and then he went back to the apartment again. This time, he went back with the guys as the ladies were going to take a break and have some time to ourselves! Guess where we went?

I am a very happy woman!

Then, Elodie brought us to have the best macarons in Paris for our afternoon tea. I was very pleased to know that they are have the same luxury pastry shop in Mandarin Gallery! It's renamed as Antoinette. Can't wait to go there to have a luxurious afternoon tea again!

The guys were cooking dinner (how nice!) when we came back to the apartment for our final dinner gathering.

Terry and Pam.

Yeow Seng and Shelley.

Cedric and Elodie.

Us. With Clement pretending to look ok.

That was how he looked (wearing his thick jacket indoor due to the fever!)

Cedric prepared this rum for us and the guys were made to drink some. Clement was not spared. According to Cedric, this was what Clement needed for a good night's rest!

On our last morning in Paris, Clement was still too unwell to join us so no pictures again. I snapped this one with my handphone. It's a rare picture with all the children!! By the way, we threatened them so that they sat still for 15 seconds for the picture. Heh heh heh.

After some touring and final souvenir shopping, we took taxi to the airport at 5pm. We took a long, long, long, long, long time to check in (Changi Airport is one of the world's best airport, we must be proud of it!!!) and by the time we were done, the eateries in the airport were closing. We grabbed some sandwiches and had a quick dinner.

The goodbye was difficult. All the girls were crying at the departure gate and the boys exchanged long handshakes and hugs. Cedric and Elodie will try to come to Singapore next year. We said we'll return 5 years later.

Our 18 days trip has finally came to an end. We brought back more than 2000 photos, loads of memories and tons of bond for our friendship.

This is a wonderful, wonderful trip.

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Shana said...

In another 5 years, Jaimie will be about 11 years old... Old enough to join you for your LV spree in Paris? ^_^

Angie said...

nooooooooo~~~~ she will probably be choosing her own apparels in Disneyland first. hahahaha!!!