Sunday, May 1

Mothers' Day Celebration 2011

I never liked the crowd on Mothers' Day in the restaurants and I dislike their overpriced set menus. So, I decided that we should celebrate earlier this year! We went to Beng Hiang Restaurant for lunch. Good Hokkien food but cannot say for the same for their service.

My mother-in-law busy with Kai Kai.

Me and my mommy.

Jaimie took this picture. :)

The 3rd mommy.

We had so much food! Luckily I ran my first 21km yesterday~ hopefully it helps~

I love family meals together like this. Happy Mother's Day to 妈妈,妈咪 and myself!!

3 voices:

ty said...

Hey, me & my family were there tis aftnoon for lunch too....

cd said...

hope u don't feel me as stalker...but i saw u running that day..
want to greet u,but it was drizzling & u look so focus..don't dare to interrupt ^^;
all the best for ur HM :)

Angie said...

hi ty, what a coincidence! hope you didnt see me making a scene with the waitresses. heh heh.

cd, hello!! if you see me again, let's say hello! :D i dont think i am focused, i think i look expressionless because i am half dead. hahaha!!!