Saturday, January 15

A Breakthrough in Running Duration

My resolution for 2011 is to run a half marathon in August/ September. Hence I need to step up on my running distance and duration.
My best friend, HappyPig, made me sign up for the 12km 2UX Compression Run in April. This is a good opportunity for me to gradually increase in my running distance so that I will be able to cover 21km in 6mths' time.
I dragged Clement out of bed this morning to run with me. I kept increasing the distance until he got upset. Hahaha~~ I can understand. You aim to run so much but somebody kept pushing the finishing line further. It can be really frustrating. In the end, we ran a total time of 1hr 30mins.
For a finisher of 21km like Clement, this is nothing much to record about. However, this is the first time I ran for such a long time. Worth documenting my good progress. :)

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