Wednesday, January 19

Bento #156

Oil free healthy chicken wrap for today's bento!

(1) Blanch the broccoli. Cut the fresh shiitake mushrooms and marinate it together with the chicken breast stripe with terriyaki sauce (do it the night so that you can sleep for 30mins more the next morning) . Pan fry the chicken and the mushrooms. Set aside.

(2) While the pan frying is going on, use the time to dice the tomatoes and cut some Japanese cucumber into long stripes.

(3) When everything is ready, microwave the wraps. 10sec/ piece.

(4) Put the baby butterhead and the other ingredients prepared earlier onto the wrap. I microwaved the remaining terriyaki sauce from the marinating, dipped the chicken into the sauce before putting it to the wrap.

(5) Wrap it in foil. Got this really cute aluminium foil from Daiso some time back.

(6) Put in your greens and fruits into the bento box. It is recommended that the wrap not to be exposed to air after you have micowaved it. Hence, an air tight box should do the trick.
I put mine in a hello kitty none air tight box and it's still ok when I ate it for lunch. Clement's bentos are always in this plain, lock-and-lock box because he is still refusing to use my super cute bento boxes. Aiyah...

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Shana said...

Looks so Yummy!

PS: adding some low-fat cheese in the wrap with make a nice addition too? ^^

sherlyn said...

Nice! and you still have time to take step by step pictures :)

MommyAngel said...

That looks lovely and nicely done!! I don't think my hubby would want me to hand him a 'cute bento' box too so I would keep them for myself :P :P

Joyce Long said...

Something new...step by step guide..and yr bento is always very healthy..

Katherine said...

I love this wrap too... and now my dinner is mostly wraps with mushroom or vege... :)
Haha..i understand the part.. my ang also refuse to use my cute bento box.... wahahaha