Monday, November 22

Jaimie (not Olivia) Can Cook

Yesterday, the children came together for a baking session organised by their mommies! They are going to bake some home-made food. They have their aprons and even their "home-made" toques!

Kids, I mean the cooks, washed their hands before touching the food. Good hygiene practice is important!

Great friends!!! (Cat family... check out our tops)

First, the kids were given plastic knives to cut the fruits into small pieces.


For the 50th time, "Is the jelly ready?"

Next, pizza!!! Trust Viv to make the pizza base herself!!! Amazing! The kids decorated their own pizzas. They had so much fun putting on the sausages, ham and pineapple cubes. Capsicum and onions were not popular. They couldn't wait to see the pizzas they made.

Viv also prepared baked rosemary chicken for all of us... OH, YUMMY!!!!!!!!! Viv made the most wonderful mushroom soup for us too. The soup was perfect with the biscuits that WG's sister, Yvonne, made for us. Yvonne is another talented baker and we were glad that she was able to join us yesterday! How nice!

After dinner, it's dessert time. Cupcakes!

We chatted and planned for the next gathering while waiting for the food to (1) digest and (2) ready. We whipped out our handphones to take note of when and where to meet next month. Fortunately and unfortunately, the next gathering is for mommies ONLY.

Viv did it again!!! 100% home-made apple strudel for Wolfie's birthday surprise!

Happy Belated Birthday, my dear BFF!

The cupcakes were ready for decoration. The kids wasted no time in piling up the cupcakes with their favourite candies, rainbow sprinkles and other icing.

They learnt to share, take turns and be careful with handling things during this session.

They also learnt that food doesn't come by easily and they have to treasure everything that is on their plate.
All of us definitely had another memorable and fun-filled evening. They say food bonds people together. How true!

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Jacky said...

The pic are so pretty.. Just can't stop looking at them.. Viv

Shana said...

Looks fun!

Btw, I think u mean Oliver? ^_^

Sandra said...

Hi Angie,
I love the bentos that you make..

My organization is tryin to organize talks/ workshops for staff and we would certainly like to teach them how to make healthy and yummy looking bentos like yours!

Would like to talk more to you about this possibility, but cant find your email on your blog or any other way to contact you.

Can you please give me your email address? thanks!

Angie said...

hi sandra!

thanks for the compliments and visiting this blog. :)

my email is

however, chances of me conducting workshop is not high as i am a full time working mother and i have a super busy schedule next year... :) nonetheless, you can still email me and we can keep in touch.

Anonymous said...

Hi Angie,

Your blog posts are always so exciting and interesting!

Don't know you personally. Have sent you an email.



Lydia said...

Like: Jae's apron!

Like: Baked rosemary chicken

Like: 100% home-made apple strudel(You are unbelievable, Viv!)

Like: " treasure everything that is on their plate."

Blessed BBBBBBelated Birthday, WG! :)