Tuesday, August 24

Well Done, Isabelle Li!

I was sitting by the TV last evening, joining thousands of Singaporeans in the Indoor Stadium to cheer for our very own table tennis star, Isabelle Li, in the gold medal match against China's Gu YuTing.

Although Li did not win the game, she did Singapore proud by bringing in the second silver medal for the 2010 Youth Olympics Games. I think she did Singapore even prouder with her excellent sportsmanship and her superb fight against the much experienced and stronger opponent. It was a very exciting match indeed and I am sure those who watched the match will agree with me.

The medals brought home by our athletics will surely be a great motivation for others to work harder and strive for excellence.

I have one example at home.

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wolfgirl said...

Well, at least you mananged to catch the action... unlike World Cup. (Must seize opportunity to poke fun again. hohohoho)

I am still wondering why the coach was given the red card..

Angie said...

ouch. ouch. thanks ah.

i found out from the papers. the coach continued talking after the time out. twice. hence kena yellow card and then red card.

talkative lah. hahaha.