Tuesday, July 27

Bento #126

Traumatised from the visit to the dentist, I was totally not in the mood yesterday to plan for the following day's bento. I only planned to cook wholemeal spirals.
In the morning at 5.15am, with sleepy eyes, I pulled out whatever I could find in the fridge. Sausage, sotong balls, jalapano, mushrooms, tomato, onion, garlic, egg, black pepper, white pepper, oyster sauce, chicken stock. Whatever.
While standing against the stove with half opened eyes, staring blanking at the frying pan with the mixture of ingredients I dumped in, I realised I there was an apple lying around. Whatever, let's dice the apple and put in the frying pan too. Ok, done.
Since I wasn't in the best of moods, I didn't take any photos in the morning. I had a busy day and I was famished by lunch time. I mixed the pasta with the gravy and scooped a few mouthfuls before I remembered I should take a photo.
This unplanned chap-par-lang bento turned out to be ok leh. In fact, it isn't too bad!
Like that also can!

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viv said...

wow cos you now at mastery level liao mah!!

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Anonymous said...

I always used apple or pear as my substitute for water chestnut in my wantan and it taste good too.
Recently did a apple & pear soup and it taste nice.
Hope to see more ideas so can "copy", Keke... as run out of idea liao.

雅 said...

Angie: 您好!我的博客正在“搬家”中。现在的地址是:passingsights.liquidblade.com.

再过不久,应该会变成: lookingAt.passingsights.com

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I am running out of ideas myself! repeating some bentos a zillion times already...