Wednesday, July 21

Bento #123

Erm, I do not know what to say about this week's bento.

If you notice, I didn't post any bento post for the past 2 days. That is because I was frantically trying to finish a loaf of bread for the past 2 days. Plus a slab of yam cake my brother bought for me. How come I am still eating bread today after having them for breakfast and lunch for the past 2 days? Because... I couldn't resist when the promoter of sunshine bread shoved a loaf of white bread and a pack of 4 hotdog buns into my hands and said "Buy one get one FREE!"

FREE!!! Must buy!!! Good bargain!! I was reading "Confessions of a Shopaholic" last week. I could TOTALLY empathise they way Rebecca Bloomwood justify her purchases.

Anyway, I chin-chai packed this bento. Clement is on a healthy diet (if you still recall our motto for this half of the year) so he gets more cherries instead of the panda chocolate my colleagues get. The bun will probably taste nicer if I had put butter or mayonnaise but I opted for a healthier choice by not to put any of those. Come to think of it, some Ritz biscuits crumbs as topping should be nice! Shall do that the next time.

Tip for fellow bento-making friends -- it is always good to stock up some cute biscuits or chocolates in your cabinate as they are the simpliest way to fill up the empty spaces in your bento.

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levine said...

yr chin chai pack also sooo nice and delicious!

viv said...

Try putting tuna in buns very yummy also...