Thursday, July 15

Bento #122

After I tried frying macaroni, I seem to have developed a liking for this pasta! You see, my mom used to cook macaroni for me when I was ill so I sort of link macaroni to something unpleasant.

I was in the library yesterday looking at the recipe books on the shelves. Then I saw a recipe on making mushroom cream sauce. I put back the book after I read the ingredients needed because no way I am going to buy a bottle of white wine and some other stuff just to cook the pasta sauce. Surely there must be an alternative for a lazy bum like me!

So, I fell back on my trusty campbell soup. I browned the garlic, pan fried the shiitake mushrooms and jalapeno threw in some sotong balls (I was lazy to buy chicken fillets), added a little oyster sauce and maggie chicken stock concentrate before I poured in the button mushroom, plus the mushroom and potato soup from Campbell. Then I poured a campbell soup can of water and let it simmer for a while while stirring constantly.

I used bento boxes which allow me to separate my improvised mushroom sauce and the macaroni so that they do not turn soggy even when eaten during lunch time.

Half a packet of macaroni, 6 sotong balls, 1 yellow jalapeno, 1 red jalapeno, 1 small can of button mushroom, 8-10 shiikate mushrooms feed 4 adults and 1 bird. Err.. yes, one of my colleagues, Jennifer, eats like a bird. All of them commented that the food was very tasty! Well, you can never go very wrong with campbell soup!

Love this heart shaped bento box I bought yesterday!

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I love blogging! said...

Wah, I wished I am your colleague leh... keke :)
Sounds simple, maybe I shall try that next week... :)

Joyce Long said...

Lovely shape bento nice..

I am Campbell soup fan...u are right...the taste will surely right.. Oh yes just to share they have packet form called Campbell in a cup...many other flavours...easy ..just put hot water can liao...cuz I also those who are lazy...

Anonymous said...




Anonymous said...

oooooo looks good! will try it out!
and i love the hello kitty bento box! where did u get it??

Angie said...

hi shereen!

i got the heart shaped one from a push cart stall in bt panjang plaza. very cheap!! i think it is either $4 or $6 only.

Anonymous said...

i will check it out! thanks! (:

jane said...

love the lunchbox, heart shaped hello to recognise pushcart? wat was it mainly selling?thnak you

Angie said...

hi jane

the push cart is unmistakable. it sells only hello kitty stuff and is located outside the KFC at bt panjang plaza. however, the stocks are limited and seasonal... so you have to try your luck! otherwise, check out the pushcarts at jurong point 1 basement, outside prima deli. i think i saw some there too.