Monday, July 12

Bento #120

12th July. 2.15am.

I was woken by my alarm clock, all excited and ready to watch my FIRST 2010 World Cup match, which was also the FINAL match between Spain and Holland.

When the clock started to tick for both teams, I went to the kitchen to cook maggie mee and added 4 sotong balls each for myself and Clement. After a satisfying supper and watching almost every player on the field getting a yellow card, I decided that I should use the time to do my laundry.

Half time.

No goal.

Boo. *Yawn*

From the look of the game, I thought most likely it would be a penalty shootout. I went into the kitchen again to prepare my bentos. It takes quite some time to mould the rice and put on the facial features. Occasionally, I would pop my head to watch for 1min or 2. Final minutes. Still no goal. Good. I shall continue with the bento making, wait for the penalty shootout before I go back to the TV again.

"GGGGOOOAAAALLLL!!!!!!!" Clement shouted.

"DAMN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" I shouted.

I just missed the ONLY goal in the ONLY match I watched in 2010 World Cup!!!

Ole, ole ole ole, ole, ole..... I am the champion!!!!!!!~~~T.T

Lesson learnt: (1) When watching soccer, pretend that I am a male and do not multitask (thank you, Wolfgirl, for this very important lesson) (2)My name is not Paul.

I must have been punished for eating Paul's cousins for supper.

The consolation is, I think the bentos are nice.

5 voices:

Joyce Long said...

Super creative!!! ....yr bento has turn into a foodie art. Lovely ideas : )

wolfgirl said...

Your bentoes are more than nice lor... They are superb!

I am being mean here: You should make a soccer/wrold cup themed bento. hohoho..

levine said...

Your bentos today are superb!!

I love blogging! said...

love this set of bento.... :)

Haha.. when I read your post i feel so "me".. cos I always multi task around when the TV is on, and I often miss the "exciting" moments lor... and my ang will get "fedup" when I ask him for the details after that... wahahahaha... :)

Aces Family said...

wow...yr bento number predicted the score of the match 1 - 0 (one to zero)...hehe

Indeed i think u are as good as paul, or i shud say...better cos yr bentos are really getting more & more artistic each day!