Tuesday, July 6

Bento #118

I tried something new today again! Unagi rice burger!

To make this new item on my bento menu, I even went to MOS burger yesterday to examine their rice burgers in detail.

I cooked the rice and moulded them last night, left them in the fridge, and pan fried them this morning. Note to self: (1)must remember to add some salt to the rice, too blend without any seasoning. (2) pan frying is not very healthy. Try the oven toaster next time.

Other than the rice not staying in perfect shape and a little blend, everything else is ok!

The heart shape bento box is very sweet, isn't it? From TupperWare. In the monkey head was some chilli powder for the burger.

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Clement said...

two large thumbs up for today's effort! delicious and filling. loved it to bits. thanks, dear :)

happypig said...

我还以为你到mos burger打包呢~


viv said...

Wow looks so yummy... So proud of your efforts

Joyce Long said...

lovely hearty bento for loves ones...so sweet..

I love blogging! said...

Hi, chance across your blog and had been following it since... very interesting blog esp post abt your bento, do keep it going... :)
I make bento to work at times too, just to check w you, I dare not pack "cut" fruits into my bento, except stawberries or grapes at times. How do you maintain the cut fruits to stay fresh till lunch time? Hope u dun mind to share that tips w me. :)

Angie said...

Thanks for visiting our blog! :D

I will just leave the bento boxes on my desk till lunch. Usually, I choose fruits that do not oxidise. As you can see from my pictures, I usually just pack a bit of fruits in the bento boxes for decoration purpose. If I am having a lot of frutis, I will pack it in a seperate box so that I can keep it in the fridge in the pantry.

hope it gives u some bento-ing idea! :D