Thursday, July 1


These are the 3 pictures I sent in for Shin Min Daily's "最有趣味照片" contest, a follow-up activity from the Shin Min Genting Fun Drive 2010 which we took part in from 19-21 Jun 10.

Each Fun Drive Team (we were Team 112 among a total of almost 300 teams!) can send in up to 3 photos taken during the event to take part in the contest. The pictures are to convey elements of joy and fun, so as to demonstrate to readers the extent of success this event was able to achieve and hopefully attract even better turn out in the 11th outing come next year. The organisers will then shortlist 5 entries to be published for voting. Readers' votes count for 50% and organisers' judgement the other 50%.

You'd probably have read from here that the nice people from Shin Min has picked the 2nd pic from my 3 submitted shots, to be entered in the contest. Personally, I actually fancy the other 2 more, from a composition/ technical POV. However, I do agree that on newspaper print at that size, no. 2 would probably be the one presents the subjects most prominently.

Do cast a vote to support us! Angie is hoping that we'd win so she can grab that dSLR prize~! :)

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