Sunday, January 24

Jaimie's First Omni Theatre Experience

This morning we brought Jaimie to catch "Under The Sea" at the Omni Theatre.

Jaimie went "WOW" when the movie began and told us "好像在海底hor!" (It feels like under the sea!) Then she went on talking non-stop, asking questions like "What is the name of that fish" or making remarks like "So cute!!!". In the end, I think I made more noise by asking her to keep quiet.=_=

Her interested only lasted about half the show. ie, 20mins. For the next 20mins, she was fidgeting and getting up and down her seat. This is a documentary and has no storyline to entertain her. However, I do enjoy the show! The narration is funny, the animal kingdom is always very fansinating and marine life is so interesting. Oh, the narration was done by Jim Carrey!

I am also very surprised when Jaimie sprouted out words like "stone fish" when she sees one that assembles like one (I am not sure if it is stone fish. I was busy "shh-ing" her) and she pointed to the corals and said "珊瑚". I didn't teach her that. That's why I wonder where did she get all the knowledge from. It is good, though. :)

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Anonymous said...

My boy will love it! Alas we are not in Singapore. Sandra

Angeline said...

Its good?!
Its Awesome!!! She knows words that you had never taught!!!
*3 Cheers to Jaimie*

LZmommy said...

Smart girl :)

I don't think my kids knows what is 珊瑚 :p