Tuesday, September 8

Miss India 2009

"Hi I am Angie. Right now I am teaching, STEEL."

"If I am feeling naughty I will wear something RAD and something you know.. BOOMS! Something that shouts ME!"

"The ....things I have won is... a piece of sari and just blouse. And strut down my college. I rrrr know because I dont really care. It's about ME! ya, so..."

"The fashionis fashion sense about me... so...Yarrr... everything's about how I see myself..."

"YES I am a HUGE fan of India. I love saris, I love colourful prings. You know... that sort of things."

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Shana said...

Frankily speaking, I really don't know what u r talking about in the beginning.....BUT after watching the videoclip, I really laugh till my stomach aches!!!! SO DA*N FUNNY!!!

wolfgirl said...

You are so funny.... the RAD sounds so familiar.... hahahah

viv said...

i almost fainted watching the clip!!

Meekfreek said...

BOOMS! I love the way she talks! It's so original! I assume English must be her 3rd or 4th language behind Hokkien, Singlish and other dialects so she's done quite well.

Good to see Miss Singapore Universe is all about QUALITY....the cream of the crop of SGP girls. A real showcase of beauty and brains for all the world to see.

BTW, you BOOMS! too Angie!

Joyce Long said...

so comical of you....aiyo that miss sg can't speak properly lah..

Lydia said...

i dun know... just felt sad(for her) watching that clip. Anyway, you look pretty~ I like the 3rd pic.

Angie said...

thanks! :)

actually, i think the toursim board or sth shd gv our ms singapores some lessons/ courses b4 they send them out for international competition. otherwise, she shd get an interpretator while she speaks in hokkien or sth so that the english speaking judges cannot pick out her mistakes.. =_=

Angeline said...

I'm sorry I can't help but laughed as I tried to imagine which part of Clement attracted you, since you like 'India/Indian' so much... *giggle*