Monday, July 6

Buffet buffet

It started off as a part 2 gathering for the teacher-mommies in the June holidays (actually, I think it is Part 3 or 4 because we met up on an average of once a week!!) but because the Ritz Carlton Hotel 1-for-1 buffet was fully booked till god-knows-when, we decided to meet up on the Youth Day Holiday instead.

Clement and I had the best Chinese food buffet in Zhou Kitchen @ Jurong Point 2 (#03-38) so we recommeded the others to come too! I think we all ate till our stomachs exploded. Jacky, CS and Clement took leave to join in the makan session.

The daddies were looking after the children who were chasing in circles in the restaurant so the mommies took a self portriat by themselves.

After the lunch, the children continued to run and run. They had so much fun running in shopping malls. There is no need to write a story about their "love affair". These pictures tell it all.

Nothing beats good food and good companies!

4 voices:

Jacky said...

Jae -> Ez,
Cherlyn -> Jae?!!!

Wah!! :p

Lydia said...

This "love affair" seems to get pretty intense huh...

Joyce Long said...

Thanks for arranging this date for us to meet is the bonding that keep this friendship going on... : )

Aces Family said...

Hi Angie,

Our family also like Zhou's kitchen food but we have yet to try the biffet but now we may just try it...hee.

Hmm..tough choice for the man..: P