Monday, July 13

Bento #90

I absolutely LOVE the Maisy lunchbox Meekfreek got for me from Tokyo!!! I must use it today! And I put something new in the bento -- vegetables nuggets with cute facial expressions. I got them from the frozen section of ... Cold Storage, i think. Just microwave it. So easy and delicious.

I made egg mayo sandwiches with sandwich maker too. This is Clement's bento.
I am a very happy woman today. Look, new bento box.

New Burberry bag!!!

New shoes.

New top.

So happy today!!! :D How I wish every Monday is like today's. Monday blue? What Monday blue?

9 voices:

wolfgirl said...

I am also carrying new bag today...

Heehee.. so I guess we both are enjoying our Monday.

Ur bag looks great!

Your bentos too.

I will blog about my bentos another day.

absolutfaith said...

Nice bag!

Aces Family said... look so radiance!!!

Hmm...must go and buy myself a bag to look glam..haha.


LZmommy said...

I bought the that too from cold storage too but yet to use it :p

Your bento look great, bag look great and best of all, you look Great too! :)

levinetay said...

Happy happy!! Every thing new new! ;)

Meekfreek said...

Love your look! The bag, top and shoes look great!

Joyce Long said... look very fabulous...with so many newly stuff...wishing you every day uplifting mood...happydays... : )

stardust said...

Wow can see your sweet and happy smile... over new nice stuff... ;p

viv said...

it so nice to see this post early in the morning...