Thursday, June 11

Uniquely Singapore Tour -- Katong

We are tourists from a sunny island Sua-ku Land and we have came to visit Singapore! We heard of a very interesting place called "Katong" where there was a rich heritage of the peranakan culture. We decided to do a day tour around the place. Instead of taking the coach, we decided to self drive. Since both Wolfie and I cannot do parallel park, Viv did the girls proud by driving and parallel parking along the road. Viv was very excited when she saw her son's name on one of the signboards! As a true-blue Sua-ku Islander, she insisted she must take a picture with THE signboard.
We walked along the old shophouses in Katong hastily in search of food.

Finally we found the famous Katong Laksa which was featured in Not-Lonely Planet!

It looks yummy!

We thought the laksa was nice but not extremely outstanding. However, for the sake of our friends back home, we posed some pics to show that we had a great meal.

Because I watched Little Nyonya, I needed to have a suit of sarong kebaya! Viv and Wolfie were very helpful and studied the map so that we can find the shops that sell what I wanted.

Ahh!! There it is!

Before we reached Rumah Bebe, we found Rumah Kim Choo! Must buy home some kweh-kweh for our families to sample!

Rumah Bebe is a very cosy little shop that sells kebayas within my budget. Rumah Kim Choo sells kebayas too but it only carries the more pricey ones. I spent $195 on this whole suit, complete with brouches and a golden traditional belt to hold the sarong in place. I was tempted to get the matching earrings but I had to exert some self-control.

Three happy tourists.

Viv wanted to buy the "very famous durian puff" from Katong but ironically none of us knew the name of this "very famous" shop. Luckily, we found it by chance! Viv wasted no time in buying 20 durian puffs and I must say they were YUMMY!

After some shopping and walking, we were dying for some cold dessert. One of my friends recommeded this Taiwanese Eatery run by Taiwanese. We ordered some desserts which we thought were too sweet. We also tried "cold icy dumpling". Quite nice and cooling on a hot day!
Again, these are posed pictures to show our friends we enjoyed our food very much. Afterall, this place was famous for food. It would be a shame to tell our friends that what we ate was really quite average.

After food, shop, shop, food, Viv was tired and decided to go back to the hotel to rest. Wolfie and I were still in the shopping mood so we went to Bugis for MORE SHOPPING!

Singapore is really a very nice place to shop and eat! We were very pleased with this Uniquely Singapore tour. Who really cares about the peranakan culture?

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wolfgirl said...

The kueh kuehs.. Sedap. Next time must bring 'Chorchor' (祖祖) along. hahaha

Angie looks great in the kebaya, right? $195 is not ex for the whole suit la.

Now so excited for our Racial Harmony Meet up. hehehe...

Anonymous said...

*whistle* Nice kebaya.

Joyce Long said...

Wow..when I read it..I imagine you guys are filming those good food recommended by TCS..

I love you newly bought look so beautiful on for the price..i dont think ex cuz of the workmanship and the flowery that include yr accessories..

shana said...

u gals should have worn the signature tourist hats to complete your look!

Shana said...

hee hee, my eyes got stamps..

Meekfreek said...

LOL! I love the way you all posed beside the car! Next time need a big floppy hat, white glove, long sleeves and a little machine that spews out white paper!

I have to say, u all really do look like tourists.

See much Little Nynoya must have kebaya right! It's very beautiful! Suits your stunning figure!