Saturday, April 11

A Good Friday

A public holiday that falls on Friday is GOOD. A day spent with family is GOOD. A day spent with friends is GOOD. A day whereby our daughter has a lot of fun is GOOD.

On Good Friday, we went to West Coast Park in the morning for breakfast and then to the playground to have some bubble fun at the playground.
Jaimie enjoyed busking with the artist.

She had more bubble fun when we reached home.

In the evening, we met up with Clement's best friend, Nic and his family at Square 2 for a simple dinner and tea. The daddies had a good chat, the mommies had a good chat, the children had fun playing together.

This was a GOOD Friday. Many good things happened to us. Some dreams are being put into action, some good opportunities are being presented to us. Some good efforts are made, some good moments are shared.

In all things, I give thanks.

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Shana said...

Good to hear that everything is Good and well for the Good Daddy, Good Mummy & Good Jaimie :)