Tuesday, March 24

Getting Excited!

Finally, after a long wait, Jaimie got her place in the Shichida class in Toa Payoh Hub. She'll be starting her lessons in 2 weeks' time. I am so excited because...

(1) the place that sells absolutely the best kaya toast, Yat Kun is available at TPH.

(2) there are 2 stalls which sell absolutely tasty roast pork.

(3) there is a bubble tea shop which sells expensive but absolutely the best bubble tea I have ever drank.

(4) I can walk over to Fortunate Restaurant for an absolutely sinful dim sum breakfast.

(5) I am absolutely spoilt for choice when it comes to choice of food in TPH.

...and I am absolutely excited for all the wrong reasons.

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Shana said...

if u love rojak and laksa, the foodcourt at HDB hub basement is a must try!!!

Aces Family said...

Hi Angie,

To expand your excitement...haha.

There is a Subway counter beside the interchange, healthier choice and yummy food...: )

If u get too tired of TPH, just hope over to AMK hub and try the Durian Pan cakes or Durian Fried rice...: P

Oh..btw, hope Jaimie will have a wonderful start to her shichida class...(almost forgot my original intention..)


Vivien said...

And there's a 福华 shop that sells nice smooth 龟苓膏!!

Yes I love the laksa there too! And there's a dessert shop there too! Yummy!

Angeline said...

Before your last sentence, I was already saying it aloud in my head!

Joyce Long said...

Yes.. TPH is a quite a good place to recky..new edventure...

I almost sign up for Cherr that time..in the end I resort to homebased RBT by these gp of ex-shichida teachers located at Bishan. cuz of their pricing and flexibility...at least they have make up for mc loh...Then again..some feel that those at TPH or Anson building are the best as they are the pionerr and have to best teachers which I know too..

It is quite tiring loh for us to sit down for 1 hr 15 mins with cherr to do the activities..she is not tired, in fact she enjoys..lucky CS and I take turn to sit in...otherwise I almost want to withdraw the class liao after 2 terms..

Angie said...

thanks for all the tips, my friends! now i cant wait for jae to start her course!!! muahahahaha!!

foodcourt at basement? is there one? oh mine, i didnt even know that! we have only been to the one at level 2, near popular bkshop. nevermind... we will find out, SOON!

Idy said...

Just remember to jio me for breakfast, lunch or dinner when you are here... will be glad to show you around... :)