Sunday, February 15

Wayang Wayang

I saw the stage when I was walking home after dinner and I quickly snapped some picutres. Soon, our children will not be able to see such scenes in Singapore anymore.

Chinese Wayang, or Chinese Opera, used to be such a big thing in the 70s. Some of my most memorble childhood memories was to follow my mom to watch Teochew opera or my grandma to watch Cantonese Opera. I couldn't understand a single word although I am fluent in Cantonese and I can understand Teochew. However, the fun was really to watch people, watch the performers' glittering costumes, and wait for mom to buy me cha-kwey-teow for supper or grandma to buy me a 20cents ice cream cone.

Grandma had passed on many many years ago. The art of Chinese Opera is dying too. I think it is really a pity that our children think that ge-tai is the norm to celebrate the hungry ghost festival.

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Angeline said...

I'm surprised by this post.
Every year during the Hungry Ghost Festival, there'll be Wayang around my area.
how come there is one at this time of the year?

Anyhow, we share the same kind of childhood and I miss it. Slurping at the 'ting-ting tang' and the 'mai-ya tang' as I watch the opera....

I never knew you are fluent in Cantonese!!! Lei-hou!!! I'm a Cantonese! *wink*

Vivien said...

Yes, these are my childhood memories too!

I saw from news the other day that china parents are sending their kids for such lesson to 're-root' their chinese traditional!

Wonder will this 风 be blown to Spore or not.

wolfgirl said...

ya. soon our kids will not know what is Chinese opera, chinese puppetry etc.

That is why I am teaching RR chinese poems now....hoping she will not lose her chinese roots.

Rachel said...

surprised that they have it during this time of the year! I always thought they only have such things during the 7th month!

I used to watch with my grandma too but ever since she is gone, I never watch it again as I don't understand a single bit.

But my girls love to watch ge-tai!

Angie said...

i looked ard and found some flags with words printed on it to say that it was to commorate the birth of Justice Bao!!!

wolfgirl said...

Heh? Justice Bao is meant to be worshipped?? I know Taoist celebrate Confucius' birthday, i dun know about Justice Bao.. That is new.

I wonder if some lorongs worship xi-men-qing and Miss Pan JL.