Monday, February 2

Bento #54

After the weekend beach outing, both Jaimie and Clement were extremely tired and they slept early. Jaimie didn't even take her usual beer milk before she went to bed last night. I was tired too but too excited to fall asleep. My head didn't touch the pillow till 12.40am this morning.

At 4.50am, Jaimie woke me up and requested for milk.

4.50am... should I go back to sleep or not????

If no, I will need to survive on less than 5 hours of sleep today.

If yes, then I will risk oversleeping!

ARRGGHHH!!! Help!!!

Anyway, I chose to wake up and do my bentos leisurely.

This morningI discovered something.... I need to "saw" the bread and not "cut" the bread with my usual kitchen knife so that the edge of the bread does not get compressed. It took me so long to realise it! =_=

4 voices:

LZmommy said...

You woke up early! :) I think at this point of time, I would try to get more sleep :p

Rachel said...

wow! you update real fast!! can't use those normal kitchen knife to cut your bread and other soft item like tomatoes..its nicer and easier to use the "saw" type.

Angeline said...

I would stay awake too! *wink*

Lydia said...

A die-hard bento-er... :)