Sunday, June 29

Busy Busy

This is one of those rare weekends which we did not blog about our weekend activities. Why? Because there was none.

We only went for a swim in the afternoon yesterday and took a train to Jurong Point for dinner. Clement had to go to work today and I needed the day to mark the exam papers which just came in on Thursday. Jaimie was at por-por's place while both daddy and mommy were at work.

For the next 10 weeks I'll be extremely busy in school partly because term 3 is usually the busiest time of the academic year and partly because one of our colleagues just tendered her resgination and I had to take over part of her profile. *sob*

It's not going to be easy but I'll manage!! That's because I have this CCCCUUUUTTEEEE girl who never fails to cheer me up every day and a loving husband who is always very supportive.

Counting my blessings~~~

Thursday, June 26


After dinner at my mom's place, we walked over to Bt Panjang Plaza as requested by the little princess. It was almost 8pm and there was quite a big crowd at the garden stage. I took a closer look and realised that it was "community aerobics"! Free aerobics on every Thursday from 8-9pm!

I stayed a while to watch the aerobics. My feet got real itchy! i had done aerobics for a couple of years before I switched to yoga. I had always enjoyed aerobics because it's like doing mass dance. I always left the studio in a happy mood and felt good that I perspired so much after an hour's exercise. Steps aerobics was my favourite. The instructor whom I followed last time always made the movements so fun got everybody in the mood to move their bodies. After she left the fitness centre, I did not renew my aerobics package and had not done aerobics there after.

Next week I shall participate in the workout! Clement has agreed to take care of Jaimie while mama shakes off some fat (hopefully!).

妈妈的心得 之四





令我们惊讶的是,她现在连晚上在睡梦中都能够告诉我们她要上厕所!现在她睡在我们中间当第三者。当她模模糊糊闭着眼睛说:“小便便!”时,我苦命的老人家又得风驰电掣地翻身起床,用迅雷不及掩耳的速度把她的睡裤和纸尿裤扯下来,然后在一秒的时间之内冲到厕所把她放到马桶上,看见她安然无恙地小便,我才敢喘一口气。已经连续好多个晚上,媛媛都没有尿在纸尿片上了。我看我可以做一个表,记录"Days without incident"。哈哈!


孩子,妈妈依旧为你学习到的每一个技能喝彩。妈妈在尊重你的步伐时,仍然会给你加油和掌声。宝贝,in your own timing, please. I love you.

Monday, June 23

My Shopping Spree At Kinokuniya

Reading has always been my number one passion before we have broadband at home. *ahem* Due to space constraint and bad time management in the cyberspace, I have not been buying books recently. Term 3 starts today and I felt that I needed retail therapy to upgrade myself so I decided to go down to Kinokuniya in the afternoon.

Here are my harvest.

1) Parenting books
This series of books are highly recommended by my best friend. Actually, the book I was trying to get in Jurong Regional Library is "How To Talk So Kids Will Listen...". Apparently, it was a very popular title and they are on loan in most libraries. Well, might as well get a personal copy!

I know some of you are thought you smell a fish when you read my previous post about being a parent of 2 for 1 day. And you think you confirmed that there is a fish when you see the book I bought about Sibling Rivalry. No no no. That is just purely for my reading pleasure.

What do adopted children want their parents to know? I would very much like to know too.

2) Chinese books
As a fan of the Taiwanese rock group五月天, of course I will support the pregnancy journal 《我的摇滚妈咪》written by 石头和狗狗. And it comes with a necklace that says "Rock Baby". Perfect for Ms Jae. Hoho.I was attracted by the cover of the red book which explores the Japanese culture -- Why are the Japanese Obsessed With compressing things? Hmmm.. interesting! They compressed the radio to a walkman and compressed a bento into rice balls. Their compressed versions are usually better than the original! When I opened up the box, I was not too surprised to see a mini book.
The last book is reading for professional upgrading. I want to more about Confucious Ethics and hopefully I will be able to infuse the great teachings in my lessons.

So many books to read! So little time!

Jee Jee

We brought Jae to the Jurong Regional Library over the weekend, 'cos mommy wanted to look for a book she couldn't find at the Bt Panjang Community Library, which we normally visit.

Upon reaching the children section of the library, Jae very quickly settled down on one of those brightly-coloured, kid-sized tables. She then proceed to plough through the stack of books on the table, as well as on the nearby shelves and chose (yes, she actually picked up each book and decided if she wanted it or not - I think she's literally judging the books by their covers here) some to ask me to read to her.

One of the books that we read together was titled "The Cat Goes Fiddle-I-Fee!". I recall procrastinating whether to pronounce those words as "fiddle-ee-fee" or "fiddle-eye-fee". I opted for the former 'cos I think that sounded better. This book was one of those written in the vein of "Twelve Days of Christmas" - you know, those cumulative rhytmes where each time something new gets introduced you add it onto a list of items that gets longer as the story progresses. The "story" here is very simply about the sounds that each animal makes e.g.

The pig goes griffy gruffy
The horse goes neigh neigh
The duck goes quack quack
The hen goes chimmy-chuck, chimmy-chuck...

...and of course, the cat goes fiddle-i-fee

Quite a cute book, with cute pictures of the various animals. Jae enjoyed it (well, she did sit through the entire book) as I did reading it to her.

As we were leaving the library (mommy didn't find the book she was looking for, btw - it had been borrowed by another chap earlier that same day), Jae, who was walking beside me and holding my hand, turned to me and said "Papa. Jee Jee."

Mentally, I went through the list of animals we'd just been reading about but try as I might, I couldn't recall any one that went Jee Jee leh. So, I asked her,

"What is Jee Jee?"

There was a hint of exasperation in her reply -

"Jee Jee! 小便便!"

Saturday, June 21

Parent of 2 for 1 Day

Last week, Jaimie made a date with her best friend, Seraphine jie-jie. So Clement and I took care of the 2 children for one day. We went to Fidgets in the morning. After their afternoon nap, they went for a swim in the pool and we headed to IMM for somemore playground and dinner.

I brought a camera and cleared all the pictures in the memory stick thinking that I would be taking tons of pics of the little girls having fun. However, the 2 pictures I posted here are the only 2 photos I took for the whole day.



This is the first time we took care of 2 young children. We almost went crazy entertaining their 1001 requests, answering countless "Why?", managing their little fights over the toys and who-gets-to-press-the-button-for-the-elevator, taking care of their safety in the pool, cleaning up 2 girls at the same time, making sure they both ate and drank enough, bringing them to toilets etc etc etc.

Actually, both Jaimie and Seraphine are not difficult children. They were willing to share their things, willing to take turns to play with toys, willing to listen to us. I am especially happy to see that Jaimie is generous enough to share her toys, books, pillows, blankets, seat and share her parents with Seraphine.

It is a tiring day but it is not a difficult day. We are more than happy to see the children enjoying each other's company and having fun together. It just takes a little use to.

Friday, June 20

Jaimie's First Art Work

A few days ago Jaimie came home with these 2 pieces of art work and presented to the daddy with 2 hands and said “父亲节快乐!”.

We really do not know which part of the art work was done by Jaimie. The painting? The colouring? The sticking of the "Happy Fathers' Day" wordings? The folding? Err... the writing? .... I think the teacher did all the work for her. :)

Anyway, the daddy who received this card was so proud and touched. The mommy is waiting for her turn next year.

Guess who?

Clue number 1: Close up back view
Clue number 2: Back View

Clue number 3: Front Top View
Clue number 4: Side View

ANSWER: ... and she thinks it's absolutely beautiful.....
.... huh? Not nice meh?...

Thursday, June 19


Our girl has always been pretty impartial when it comes to situations where she was presented with choices involving her daddy and mommy.

In the early months, we had been wondering if she'd start uttering "Papa" or "Mama" first. Turned out that when Jae was 8 months old, she decided to call out both at the very same session. I still vividly recall the thrill and excitment that day as I shouted for Angie to come into the bedroom to witness the little one rolling around on our bed and blabbering "babamama", while I hurriedly picked up the camera and immortalised this precious moment in quicktime format.

Even now, at 26 months old, Jae's impartiality in this regard appears to still be very much intact. When she's muching on some foodstuff, even if it's her favourite snack like sausages or fries, if we are to ask that she share it, Jae'd without fail demonstrate her sense of equality and fairness.

Us: Is it nice?
Jae: Yes~~~! (Jae has this very nice way of articulating this word. Very excited and high-pitched. We love hearing her say "Yes!")
Us: Do you want to share it with Papa or Mama?
Jae: 给拔拔。给嘛嘛。一起吃!
Us: *happily each take a nibble at her offerings* 谢谢, 媛媛。
Jae: 不客气。

Sure, there'd be those times when she'd display overt favouritism for one of us over the other, for example during bedtimes she tend to ask for mommy more frequently. We have observed also that she'd have cycles where she'd take turns swtiching from being a "daddy's girl" to a "mommy's girl". This is good for us 'cos it gives both me and Angie opportunities to "take a breather" during those periods when she's super sticky to the other one. Jae's currently in the "mommy girl" phase, so I'm waiting for my part of the cycle to arrive~!

Wednesday, June 18

18 Months Ago

Received an email in my inbox today that was channeled over from YouTube. There was this person who sent me a message regarding this video clip of Jaimie speaking her first words, which I'd posted some 18 months ago. S/he wanted to inform me that that particular clip was no longer available online and requested that I upload it again.

Did a quick check and yup, the vid's gone. Turned out that while it was still ok, this clip had attracted quite a bit of attention leh, having clocked more than 9,600 views online, as well as a string of comments. The person asking for the repost was one of those who left a comment about a month ago. It's quite flattering (though a tad strange at the same time) that a total stranger would view a clip of our baby, leave complimentary comments and then to have revisted the clip and requested for it to be reloaded when it went missing.

Well, I've uploaded the clip back online. Viewed it a couple of times myself too and took a trip down memory lane. Jae was such a chubby little fella back then, at 8 months old. Very botak too. hehehe.

The original clip was supposed to be here. Don't know what happened to it. Some glitch in YouTube?

Monday, June 16

So, What Happened in School Today?

It wasn't really that long ago that I was still wondering when our little girl would attend school and this question would become part and parcel of our daily routine. Without realising it, we're here already. Wow....

The question just popped out of my mouth as I was chatting with Jae while preparing her for bedtime just now.

Me: So, what happened in school today? You wanna tell Papa?

Jae: 唱歌!跳舞!

Me: Wow, that's great! Did you guys go to the playground?

Jae: Yes! With friends! 很多朋友!

Me: 哇...很多朋友啊?那你最喜欢哪个朋友?

Jae: Marcus gor-gor.

Me: 噢, Marcus gor-gor huh.

Jae: 是。哭哭。

Me: 呃?Marcus gor-gor 哭哭还是媛媛哭哭?

Jae: Marcus gor-gor 哭哭。

Me: 哦。Marcus gor-gor 为什么哭哭呢?

Jae: 老师打

Me: 哎哟。为什么 Marcus gor-gor 会被老师打呢?

Jae: Marcus gor-gor 没有听老师的话。老师打屁股。

(At this point I had to work at stiffling a laugh)

Me: 那你有没有叫 Marcus gor-gor 不要哭啊?

Jae: 有!Gor-gor 不要哭!

Oh, I really do enjoy chatting with my little girl...:)

Saturday, June 14

I Have A Date

This is "Aaaaera-fin" jie-jie. She is 4 years old. She is my best friend. We have a playdate next Saturday.

Mommy and Daddy are going to bring us to Fidgets in the morning. After lunch, "Aaaaera-fin" jie-jie will take her nap with me in my house. We will go swimming after we wake up. After dinner, we will spend some time in the playground before "Aaaaera-fin" jie-jie goes home. This is mommy's plan to exhaust our energy. We are going to have a very exciting and tiring Saturday next week.

"Aaaaera-fin" was very excited about the playdate too! Mommy asked her to remember the list of things to bring. Pillow, blanket, clothes, swimming costume, comb... She was quite stressed because she could not remember them all. Haha.. she didn't know mommy was just teasing her.

Huh? Not "Aaaaera-fin"? Seraphine? Ok, ok. Let me say it properly: "Aaaaera-fin" jie-jie.

Friday, June 13

A Self Reminder

Understanding your child...

This may be an insurance commercial but it makes me reflect a lot... and I just cried and cried after watching it...

Thursday, June 12

Mommies' Lunch Out

Wolfgirl76 called for a gathering to meet for lunch in the CBD area. And 9 forum mommies responded! Unfortunately, stardust_sq's office is too far for her to travel down to Tanjong Pagar to join us for lunch and the organiser, Wolfgirl76's DD was down with a fever. So the 8+1 of us met!

After some discussion in the forum, we decided to lunch at Hachi Tei which is located at 145 Telok Ayer Street. Ok, where is Telok Ayer Street? I have no idea. I have only been to Telok Ayer Street less than 5 times in my life so far. Ok... the restuarant is just opposite Thiam Hock Kheng. Huh?! Sorry, have only been to Thiam Hock Kheng ONCE in a hertiage tour when many many many years ago.

Thankfully Meekfreek was kind enough to meet me outside Captial Tower Building (or was it Capital Building Tower?). She asked me to turn left and walked down to meet her. I turned right instead.

I think I have made myself very clear that I have ZERO sense of direction and I cannot tell left from right. Heehee!!!

Anyway, we had a GREAAATTTT time chatting. The food is not bad and the price is really quite cheap! Most of the ladies had a longer than usual lunch time today (I hope their bosses do not chance upon this blog!).

From left front: Baby Cherrlyn, Mama Joyce Long, Meekfreek, Gafield, Idy_Tan, gchng, ruthhan, angelcow and ezrababy.

Since Meekfreek's lunch hour is more flexible than the rest, she stayed a while longer to chat with Ezrababy and me.

This is the first time I'm meeting forum mommies w/o our little ones!! I feel so good!

My Lunch Date with Mommy @MOS Burger

Por-por needed some time off too so she went on a cruise to nowhere with her friends today. Hence, Papa sent me to school this morning and mommy picked me up from school at noon.

Mommy was early and I was half way through my lunch at the childcare centre. Anyway, mommy has not had her lunch so off we went to MOS burger at Bt Panjang Plaza. Mommy ordered an Unagi rice burger, an Ebi rice burger, fries, lemon tea and corn soup to share with me. This was the first time I tried MOS burger and I think it's yummy! I finished 3/4 of the Unagi Rice Burger before I was given some fries. The fries looked great!

Hmmm.... I didn't think the fries tasted as good as the one from the Golden Arch. It's less salty and less crispy.

I give it a 6.5/10.

Ahhh... the ketchup was finger-licking good, though!

Can't get enough of it....

Oh dear! My tongue was stuck to the saucer! Mommy! Help! Use your brute strength to help me remove it!

The circled parts on my face-- ketchup.

With this face, and with half a cup of iced lemon tea, and half a packet of fries left, I told mommy that I needed to poop. I have learnt my lessons from the previous spanking and standing at the naughty corner... "妈咪!大便便!"

Mommy quickly stuffed 2 more fries into her mouth and gulped down the remaining iced lemon tea, grabbed the bags, pulled me out of the high chair and rushed me to the toilet.

"Plop! Plop! Plop!" Oh... that was the rice, that was the fruits. Oh! This one! This was the cod fish I had for dinner last night! Ahhhhhh~~~ Shiok-a-doo-doo.

I enjoyed my lunch date with my dear mommy.

p/s: I am mommy's girl at this moment.

p/ss: I am still trying my best to irritate help mommy to a more patient person.

Monday, June 9

Naughty Corner

Finally we have implemented the "Naughty Corner".

Jae is undergoing toilet training. She can tell us when she needs to pee or poo. However, we discovered that when she was doing her favourite activity such as watching TV or playing, she would rather do it on her diapers than to disrupt her activity. Having realised that, we have decided that she needs to be disciplined if it is not the case of an accident.

If it happens outside, I will spank her on her thighs while changing her diapers.

If it happens at home, she gets a spank on her thighs and stands at the naughty corner for about 2 minutes.

In both cases, Clement will play the mediator's role. He tells Jaimie why she gets disciplined and makes her apologise to me. After that, she has to verbalise that she will tell me when she needs to go to the toilet. And, I will tell her again why she needs to do so.

A lot of talking needs to be done!

We have been discussing for some time where the naughty corner should be. We didn't want it to be a place where happy and peaceful activity takes place such as the bedroom. We didn't want it to be away in one corner which we cannot see what she is doing at the corner. We didn't want somewhere dark and lonely (such as the yard) to frighten her. Finally we found a "perfect" place. It was between the entrance to the bedroom walkway from living room, where the common bathroom was. There was a right-angle wall which we asked her to place her hands so that she will not move about. We didn't deliberately look for the "right place". It happened that she urinated on me one afternoon and after cleaning her up, I furiously put her there and declared that it was her naughty corner. After that, I realised that it was a good place. We make ourselves disappear into the bedroom and let her be alone for 2mins. After that, we came out one by one to talk to her and to reconcile with her.

I asked her whether "Naughty Corner" is a good or bad thing. She replied me "bad". Great. At least we know she feels uncomfortable there. This will be part of the "discipline package" from now on.

These are posed pictures and Jaimie is showing signs of discomfort when she is asked to stand at the naughty corner and holding the wall.... oops!

Sunday, June 8











女:爸爸老了,死掉了。媛媛难过。Lion King爸爸死了,Lion King Baby难过。哭哭。








Saturday, June 7

Sentosa By Night

Today is Jaimie's fourth visit to the little southerly island of Sentosa, but the first (1) that is not a trip made in the early morning, and (2) where she didn't spend most of the time playing at the beach.

Today, we ventured to Sentosa after Jae woke up from her afternoon nap. It was 5:30pm when we reached the place. Weather was ok, with a little hint of impending rain ahead. We hoped it might clear by the time we were to view the "Songs of the Sea" performance, dubbed "Singapore
s multi-sensory extravaganza", which was really just a revamped, ostensibly more upbeat version of the musical fountains show that we used to be able to watch for free (now it costs $8 per head).

This yellow aquatic creature here is Oscar, the mascot of the show, and also one of the talking sea creatures of the story. The wierd thing is that only Oscar is animated in full colour projection - the rest of the funny-looking creatures are really ugly simple animations done with laser projected on the fog screen.

Anyway, when I got to the ticket counter, I was told that tickets for the 7:40pm show had been totally sold out. Huh? 2 hours to go before the show and it's fullhouse already? This had better be GOOD. So I got two tickets for the second performance, scheduled at 8:40pm. That'd give us more time to consume dinner, plus maybe make a visit to the Merlion thingie, I thought.

As we went in search for a eatery, Jae spotted the beach and asked to go to walk on the sand. We obliged. We eventually settled for Sakae restaurant for dinner.

And yes, we did have time to visit the Merlion, even with me having to double-back to the carpark to grab an umbrella when we felt the first drips of drizzle soon after we had dinner. As such things often go, the drizzle stopped completely by the time I rejoined the girls at the Merlion with the umbrella. Oh well....not complaining cos no rain was good - that meant we'd get to watch the "multi-sensory extravaganza" later on.

You see those pointy things on the top and bottom of this pic? These were the teeth of the mythical hybrid creature. They called this location the "Mouth Gallery".

Actually we made it JIT for the visit to the Merlion, having gotten our tickets at precisely 7:30pm, which was the time indicated for the final ticket sales to this particular attraction. While we were at the "Head Gallery", they played the message reminding us that "the Merlion would be closing in 10 minutes time" and suggested we visit other attractions that would still be opened then.

Here we were seated by the beachfront, awaiting for the musical fountain show to commence. The queue to enter the performance area was really really long. The show began with this group of teenagers running onto the beach/stage area and taking turns belting out "Sing Singapore" songs in Malay (Chan Mali Chan), Tamil (Munnaeru Vaalibaa) and Mandarin (凤阳花鼓). Pre-recorded, of course. Then this other teenager chap named Li appeared, who had not been joining the others in songs but instead had been staring forlonly into the sea. The others urged him to sing and when he finally did, his tune caused this image of a beautiful girl to magically appear (yah lah...this is an image projection onto the fog screen, like Oscar).

This was when the problem started for us. Jae started to become really uncomfortable. She began by figetting, then struggling, then crying out, louder and louder. It was obvious that she was frightened by the sights and sounds. Actually I don't blame her. I mean, there was this disembodied head of a woman (a very large one, at that) hovering above the row of kelong houses out in the sea. Plus the boys, girls and laser creatures then starting talking/ shouting/ singing very excitedly - "Who is that girl?!", "Where did she go?!", "Oh Li, sing your magical song! Sing it!" Then explosions ensued, with balls of fire erupting on the beach infront of the audience. It was visually quite spectacular actually, but at the same time could also be quite unsettling for some two-year-olds. I tried to turn her the other way so she won't see the "scary images" but the girl kept forcefully turning her head back, as if compelled to check if they were still there, and then crying out "我要回家! 我要回家!" repeatedly. I tried distracting her with the photos on my PDA but again she kept stealing glances at the performance and then crying out again. I could totally emphatise with what she was going through, cos I remember that I used to be so frightened while watching those Nosferatu (aka Dracula) movies when I was little but yet strangely couldn't avert my gaze when the scary moments appeared.

The people around us started to stare at the screaming child and the failed attempts of the parents at placating her. Just when we were about to give up, to pick the girl up and go home, the fountains came on. Jets of water, beautifully lighted, dancing to upbeat tunes, accompanied by streaks of fireworks bursting into the night sky. Our girl immediately stopped her wailings and stood entranced. And we breathed our sigh of relief. Saved by the bell. She lasted till the end of the show.

As we were exiting, I threw Jae a question - "So, would you like to watch the show again, or do you wish to go home now?"

"Again!", she replied, and I involuntarily rolled my eyes.

Friday, June 6

Jaimie's First Movie Experience

We decided to bring the little one to enjoy her first movie experience today. Preparation began last night as we showed her the trailer on youtube, told her we would be going into a very dark and cold place to watch the cartoon with Panda on a VERY BIG television, and she has to be quiet in the cinema. There was a 10.30am show at GV Jurong Point today. We reckon that this was one of the better timings to bring a toddler into the cinema. So off we went to Jurong Point via MRT!

We reached there an hour early so we had breakfast at kopitiam while waiting for the ticket kiosk to open. Believe me, the tea at all Kopitiam outlets tastes like long-kow water. It is THAT bad.
Jaimie need not purchase a ticket as she is not 90cm yet. Hoho! That saved mama a $8.50 ticket!

I brought small treats and her pacifier with me. She was very excited about the "BIG TV". The commercials were 25mins long and Jaimie was enjoying herself. When they showed the trailer to Madagascar 2, the dancing queen couldn't help it but got off her seat to dance with the rythem. She really loves to Move it Move it! I was telling Wolfgirl and Ezrababy I wasn't sure how long Jaimie would be able to sit still in the cinema. To my pleasant surprise, she didn't talk much throughout the movie except asking for the lemon sweets softly. She watched about 2/3 of the movie and then she started to fidget, showing signs of restlessness. I gave her her pacifier and she blissfully lie on me to continue watching the movie.

Clement and I were very pleased with her and we were very happy that we could enjoy this hilarious movie with Jaimie! Here's Jaimie demonstrating some Kung Fu moves. Don't mess with her. She knows Kung Fu.