Sunday, December 30

Year-End Melancholy

Here I sit again
in my office
gaining a little warmth
from the stale air
in my office
when the air-conditioner
takes a rest on weekends
Here I sit again
typing away
tiring my PC which
has tirelessly slogged
with me for yet another year

Here I sit again
wondering how my friends
have been doing .....and
sadness creeps in
as the missings sink in
and ......................
From the deepest depth of my heart
I am wishing for them to have safety and health
whereever they are;
that they are loved and valued;
and have another blissful and bountiful year ahead
in 2008.

Happy New Year!!!
I said to all aloud in my heart
as I sit here in silence
........ the only soul left here
typing away..........

With Love,


Here I sit again
in the control room
for this monthly ritual
which requires me to sit
and wait
for things to happen
for calls to come in

Accidents by the careless
rescues of the trapped
jumps by the distressed
complaints from the disgruntled

I hope that nothing bad happens
that nobody gets hurt
that there will be peace and calm
but something sad invariably does
in this imperfect world
of turmoil
and inbalance
and I do my job
as do those around me
i hear their voices
speaking into their headsets
ringing and rattling incessantly
every minute
every second

Here I sit again
in the control room
and I receive a message
which breaks the monotony of the beeps and rings
it is an email from a friend
wishing me well

I ponder over her message
I wonder about her predicament
I decide to write her a message, and
I wish her well too


Saturday, December 29

First Purchase

This is the first purchase I've made for our new home, which we are now very likely to move in just before CNY next year. Introducing the Panasonic Viera TH-42PV700H, our new 42" Full HD Plasma TV.

Of course, to a movie man such as myself (I'm really not that keen on watching Xiang Yun cry bucketloads on Channel 8), what good is a flatscreen panel if it is not supplemented with a decent (ok, this is really relative and subjective...cos serious audiophiles would claim mine isn't) Home Theatre System. Love this set cos of its got wireless rear speakers! Don't have worry about unsightly cables (which Jaimie might trip over somemore, and I then get blamed!) anymore!

And because both the panel and HTS are Panasonic products, I'd get to utilise this fanciful feature that is built into the Panny TH-42PY700H, called the Viera Link. A bit of gimmicky stuff here, but I know I'd still get a kick out of it. Woooo~ Got a good deal too - panel and HTS (plus a $200 NTUC voucher) for $3,500 at Harvey Norman BPP, after some negotiation with the sales staff. Couldn't hide my satisfied grin when I passed by the TV section of Courts Bt Timah this morning and saw exactly the same items retailing at $5,299.

Oh, I'm already rubbing my palms and so looking forward to the end of next month!

Thursday, December 27

Cock Up 啦!

Me: 哈啰,秀美啊?我想查一下我的车的 repairs 做得怎样了。
XM: 你的车牌几号?
Me: 4737
XM: 什么 model?
Me: Nissan Latio。
XM: 是不是那辆要喷漆的?
Me: 是。
XM: 哦!Mr Ng 是吗?你说 “Mr Ng” 我就懂了啦!
Me: ....哦。
XM: 我跟你讲,最迟这个拜六会好。我们尽快帮你做!
Me: 好啊!秀美,谢谢你咧!

Today (Thursday)
Me: 哈啰,秀美啊?我是 Ng...
XM: 哦,Mr Ng! 我看你的号码我就知道了! (Me: 哇...*Impressed*)
Me: 我拜一打电话给你,你说车最迟拜六会做好。今天拜四了。想跟你查一下,这两天会好吗?
XM: 嗯。如果没有 cock up 的话,最迟拜六会好。 (Me: Huh? 什么 'cock up'?! *Stunned*)
Me: 你之前说大概需要十天。今天是第十天了。
XM: 因为最近一直下雨咧...
Me: 那今天没有可能好啰?
XM: 没有可能。
Me: 那明天呢?
XM: 也没有可能。可以的话我会跟你讲可以的,不过我不要给你希望,然后又做不到。 (Me: 你已经这样子了!)
Me: 哇,那真的要道拜六才能拿车啊...
XM: 嗯。Mr Ng, 好了我们会打给你的!
Me: .....Ok (*Boh bian*)。

KNN. 你最好不要再跟我 'cock up' !!

Wednesday, December 26

LOST (and found) F.R.I.E.N.D.S.

This month has been one of catching up with old friends.

Last week, I met up with Foo Chin (aka Ah-Fai) after a 5 year lapse since our previous meet-up. He has finally returned to Singapore (probably for good, this time) after spending the past 8 years or so in the US and in China.

Lunch today was with June Hwang, Chee Wan and Chee Meng. JH, we've last met up around a year plus ago, I think when Jaimie was like 4, 5 months old. CW and CM, wow....these two I have not met since during CW's wedding almost 5 years ago.

It's mostly inertia that prevented me from fulfilling the promise to "keep in touch!" that I'd too often utter mechanically while saying goodbyes, without really internalising the commitment to carry the deed through. I've just let myself be subconsciously convinced that I have been too tied up with the daily, routine occupations to put forth that little bit of effort to pick up the phone, or even to drop an email to say hi how have you been.

I'm glad I decided to make amendments this month, when I wrote to Ah-Fai, and arranged lunch with him.

I'm also glad JH sms'd me telling me about CW's return from his one-year sabatical in the US, and suggested a meet up.

Above all, I'm most glad, thankful and relieved to find that there are some things in my life that in spite of my utterly pathetic efforts (actually, the lack of) at maintenance, still managed to preserve themselves in pretty good states. With these friends, it was literally the case where a warm handshake and a quick smack on the back closed up, instantly, the years that we'd carelessly lost to apathy and inertia.

With us now connected on Facebook, there is really no excuse to put another half decade between us anymore.

Sunday, December 23




The thought manifests as words. The words manifests as deed. The deed develops into habit. The habit hardens into character.

So watch the thoughts and its ways with care, and let it spring from love.

Born out of concern for all beings. The shadow follows the body and never leaves it. In the same way, as we think, so we become.





Friday, December 21

Pole-Wielding Fury

You don't want to cross this babe.

Cos if you do, you won't rest well knowing that she is well-versed in the art of "打小人".

You don't want to mess with this babe.

Cos if you do, you won't fare too well either against her well-trained skill of "打狗棒".

So you see, this babe here is deadly with the pole, both remotely as well as in close-quarters.

Steer clear. You've been warned.

Little Leonardo da Vinci at Work

I got Jae this set of Crayola MESS FREE fingerpainting art set from Toys R Us. She had a set of finger painting water colour earlier but I accidentally threw the whole bag of water colour and palette away in my recent spring cleaning. =_=

I sat Jae down on the stool and laid out the colouring book in front of her. She was very excited and shouted "yao! yao!" (I want) When I opened the colour palette, instead of rubbing lightly on the palette and rub onto the colouring book, our da Vinci decided to DIG her fingers into the palette and plaster it on the picture!

Before she dug out the entire palette of colours, I quickly moved it away and held her hand to rub on the picture. She was quite amazed to see the colours appearing on the colour wonder paper. However, the amusment only sustained for 3 secs. She was more interested in digging the palette. Hence, the art session today ended up with Jae digging and colours and plastering it onto the colouring book while mommy was the one who ended up doing the actual colouring.

It was quite a fun session (and expensive one!! This art set cost $19.90!). Out of the 24 pages, Jae (and I) coloured 4. You might not see very clearly in the pictures but Jae's favourite colour is ORANGE. That is why we have an orange Pooh Bear, an orange Tigger and an orange Piglet too.

I really appreciate this mess free product very much. Neither do I need to clean up the house nor a colourful daughter after a free expression session with her. I am looking forward to do crafft work with Jae when she is older. Many mommies blogged about the craft work they do with their kids. They have fabulous ideas which I cannot wait to try out!

Tuesday, December 18


What is it with this yellow fellow? I have been playing this game since I was a kid (I even asked for a portable Pacman electronic game when I did well for the exams during one of my earlier primary schooling years, and was asked what I want as a reward). Three decades later, I still can't seem to stop playing it.

Perhaps it's my subconscious, innate desire to be like this dude, who gets to eat and eat without ever growing fat.

Added on 23 Dec 07 @ 11.23pm:

Monday, December 17


昨天,我们带媛媛去toys R us,想买圣诞礼物给她。其实,是我们还有一张$50的礼券还没有用啦。

平时冷冷清清的toys R us,昨天只能用“人潮汹涌”来形容!孩子和家长的脸上都写满了兴奋的情绪。我们也感染了愉悦的气氛,一边拉着如脱缰野马的媛媛,一边对各种各样新奇有趣的玩具不停的研究和发出赞叹。现在的小孩在物质享受上真的非常幸福。想当年我老爸一个人工作养家糊口,“玩具”对于我来说根本就是穷奢极侈的东西。






Sunday, December 16


今天,媛媛完成了她在Baby Jumper Gym的第二个学段的课程咯!


媛媛很快就“爱上”她的老师了。每次我们问媛媛,“要不要去class?”媛媛都会大大声地说“要!!”原本我们计划让媛媛读豆豆班,不再到Baby Jumper Gym 去了。但是Eilena老师说媛媛在学习进展不错,放弃了有点可惜。我们商量了一下,觉得也的确是,于是就让媛媛继续在下一个学段上课。


由于我们上云顶玩,还有上次出席“祖父祖母日”的活动,媛媛缺了两堂课。所以上个星期和这个星期都到 Poh Cheng 老师的班补课。Poh Cheng 老师是媛媛上个学段的老师。昨天,Poh Cheng 老师给每个小朋友一个果冻,媛媛又“赚到”了。哈哈!

希望媛媛在Baby Jumper Gym可以学习到更多,也学习到学习的快乐。这才是最重要的。

Two Bumps

Just as Jaimie got 2 bumps on her head now, its ditto for our car. Our poor super accident-prone car. Ok, it's totally my bad this time, really. I reversed and bumped into another car's (an SGR Toyota Altis) rear earlier this morning. As a result of that little knock, the other car suffered some scratches on the rear bumper, while ours got a fist-sized dent, not unlike the one it already has on its front bumper.

I just can't understand it. This is the fourth car I've owned, but the only one that has met with such incidents, time and again.

Tomorrow I will be bringing it down to an auto workshop, gai-seow by Jeann Chua's hubby Mike, to get the knocks fixed up, and also to get a color-change for the entire car, possibly after consulting 陈军荣 tomorrow morning when he comes over to view our new house. Will also have to compensate for the paint works for the scratches I inflicted on the Altis.

唉。Like Angie says...破财消灾 lor...

Saturday, December 15

Our New House!!!

FINALLY!!!!! We've got the keys to our new house!!

The view is great and the landscaping is beautifully done. We're really excited about the new place we've got.

We brought Jae to our new house today and she, too, is very happy and excited. She played in the sunken bath, rolled on the floor, danced around the house and happy that there is a place called "Jaimie's room".

The geomancer and the interior designer are coming to see our new house on Monday. With the help of these 2 experts, we sure hope that the house will look nice and also bring us good luck! Yipeeeee~~~~

Chinese Garden isn't too far away~~

There's a sky garden 2 storey below our unit. Just look down and we can see greenery! Looks like a great place to practice yoga too!! hohoho!!





我家。有个。黄靖媛。整天跌倒。头orr chae.



Thursday, December 13


12月9日 凌晨

12月9日 早晨


有点食不知味地吃完了晚餐后(可惜啊!Coffee Terrace的自助餐选择很多,而且好吃咧!),我们就带媛媛去坐旋转木马。之后又玩一些有的没的,看媛媛在打呵欠,就回去房间休息了。

12月10日 早晨
我们约好9点集合,一起去theme park玩。但是,媛媛早上又开始闹情绪。一个早上就讲了834个“不要!”。
到了午餐时间,反对党更上一层楼。我的耐心已经到了极限,开始对她大吼大叫。结果,整个Mary Brown餐厅的客人,都看着一个发疯的妈妈和一个发疯的孩子,还有一个在努力打圆场的爸爸。

12月10日 傍晚


什么?!怎么巴士没有回武吉班让啊?我们在Yuan Ching Road冒雨下车,冒雨走到有可能有德士的地方等车。最后,终于到家了!


Genting - The Kids

Of course, this trip would not have happened, or even if it had, it wouldn't be as fun (and tiring too!) without these little prince and princesses.

After browsing through the pics, I realised that this image here is one of the rare ones that had the 3 kids together in the same frame. This was taken when we had our first coach stop, at Yong Peng, where we were given 20 minutes to rest and to snack.

Little Jae at play!

Little Jae at rest. Jacky, Vivian and their little boy Ezy, who wins the "Most Well Behaved Baby" award for this trip.
wolfgirl, lovelyloey and the always cute Drool Queen, the one and only...RR!
And here's the family with the two drama mama, in a photo courtesy of Mr Jacky Chuang.
Finally, a picture with the whole lot in it. Yes, all of us got to be kids again during this trip and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Thanks for the wonderful time and company, you all!

Genting - The Sights

Genting Highlands really is a feast for the eyes. Everywhere one turned, one would encounter a myriad of dazzling sights and sounds that just urged one to reach for one's camera.

The indoor theme park (aka First World Theme Park) was abuzz with activities from day till night. The flashing lights, turning wheels, gliding platforms and all the hustle and bustle were simply too much to take in at one glance. The outdoor theme park is just as amazing, and densely packed with rides upon rides. This pic was taken from our 18th floor hotel room window, on the afternoon of our second day there, when the weather was simply excellent...for a short few hours before the drizzles and fog returned. Looking out of the hotel room window again on the morning of our third and final day, I was greeted with this breathtaking view of the mountains and clouds. The sky was so clear that I could even see the Petronas Towers.

Wednesday, December 12

Genting - The Rides

Just finished sorting and laying out the images and videos for the Genting tour DVD.


I shall leave the review of the Genting trip to Angie. Me, I'd just stick to posting photos. Don't say don't have...I'd group the picture entries into the various categories, ok.

First up - the fun and thrills of Genting Highland, offered through not one, but two theme parks (that we got to enjoy for the price of one (!) 'cos of this promotion they've got now).

The indoor carousel ride (RM5 per ride) that Jae got on, on the first evening at Genting.

After getting the unlimited theme park pass (RM37 for both theme parks), we immediately hoped onto the Double Deck Carousel at the outdoor theme park. The spaceship ride was next. This one went up and down while going round and round.

The Flying Jumbo was just nearby. This ride was exactly like the previous one except you get to sit on a cute flying baby elephant. This was the outdoor mini train that went round the perimeter of the outdoor theme park. There is another mini train ride in the indoor theme park too.
There was an antique car ride that I didn't get any pics of. After that ride, it was indoors all the way 'cos weather decided to get quite wet. Here's Jae on yet another carousel, though they didn't call this one in the indoor theme park carousel. They called it the Merry-Go-Round instead. LPPL.
Angie queued for the Ferris Wheel while I accompanied Jae on the Merry-Go-Round before joining her in the queue afterwards. Here's me and Jae in the Ferris Wheel cabin. Another ride where we got to view the hustel and bustle of the indoor theme park from high above - the Rio Float. Another similar ride was the Reindeer ride (no pics, only video). Also got to endure looong queuing time for both of these. Ah, here's the other mini train ride. This one's really mini. It just went round and round a very small area for like 4 or 5 rounds. Not tiresome queuing required for this, though.
We got an indian girl sitting across us to snap this one for us on board the Venice Gondola ride. The photographer said Jaimie was cute~!
Because of the relatively shorter queue, Jae got on the indoor Merry-Go-Round more than any of the other rides. No less than 3 times, each time trying out different horses. There were those that rocked back and forth, those that hovered up and down, and those 'milo-cup' types.
Of course, there were also the regular (boring) kiddie rides lah.

Saturday, December 8

6 Hours to Genting

6 more hours to setting off from home to the Genting trip - the first ever overseas travel with the little one - and what am I doing right now?


Not sure if it's due to the perpetual chomping of the yellow cherry munching circle or not...but I'm starting to feel quite hungry. To snack or not to snack? That is the question.

Oh, I got my best score to date. That's me at rank 34 out of 500.

Update at 12.21am : I snacked.

Friday, December 7








因为是圣诞假节,有什么圣诞的节目,我们还得一个人还$3的入门费,才可以到餐馆去用餐。然后还有坐缆车环游一圈。老实说,我的旧家就面对着缆车,我从小看着缆车长大,连当年海港的起重机钩到缆车都看得一清二楚,可是从来从来没有坐过一次。今天,我终于第一次坐上新加坡的缆车了。yoo hoo~~





The Chipmunks Workout

Ya...this was the other live show Jae got to watch recently - The "Alvin and the Chipmunks" show that was running over at Bt Panjang Plaza last week.

Jae luuurvs these 3 furry animals, and ever since watching their performances, have been frequently exclaiming "Cheap Monks! Cheap Monks!"...

Like the Sesame Street show, I'd also managed to record the entire 20-something minutes of the Chipmunks show using my JVC Everio camcorder. Both these shows have been compiled into a DVD, which must now have become one of Jae's fav video picks. Would surely be among the stuff we would be packing along for our Genting trip this coming Sunday.

Seeing that Jae so enjoyed the songs performed by these furry guys, I picked up their OST disc from the BPP Sembawang Music shop today. This CD contains 16 tracks, all of them featuring the helium-induced voices of the rodent trio.

When I played the CD for the first time this evening, Jae instantly recognised the signature vocals of her furry idols, and after chanting "Cheap Monks! Cheap Monks!", quickly proceeded to improv her choreography of the "Chipmunks Workout". Should Alvin wish to expand his band into a quartet, we know who will be in the audition queue...

Wednesday, December 5









Yes, I Passed IPPT (Individual Physical Proficiency Test) yesterday!

This year I got 'upgraded' to Cat Z, which means the test requirements I had to meet were somewhat less demanding than those for last year, under Cat Y1. Aging does have its advantages.

A bit sayang, cos I missed Silver standard (and $100 monetary incentive) by 7 seconds in my 2.4km run. Oh just glad that I ended up passing at all. I felt genuine fear of failing right after I started the run. It was as though my bodily systems were in a less-than-optimal state and it felt as though I didn't have full control over my limbs in motion. I had this sensation throughout the run that I was going to get tripped by my own feet. Either my brain was working too slow or my legs were moving too fast. I seriously doubt it was the latter.

Oh, I also brought home a souvenior from the test - a sprained left thumb, which I got while doing the shuttle run station. Luckily that was after I'd done the pull-ups. that I'd passed, it means a one year liscence before my next facing up to this butterfly-in-stomach ordeal that is the IPPT. Celebrated my pass with a nice plate of char kueh teow for dinner last night~!

Saturday, December 1

Sesame Street Holiday

Earlier this week, we brought Jae for her second viewing of the live 'Sesame Street Holiday' show at Takashimaya, since she enjoyed the first one so much.

This time, we joined the queue half an hour before the showtime and managed to be alloted stage-front seats. It was 20 fun-filled minutes of dancing & singing, and Jae was thrilled to see her fav Elmo, Bert and Ernie (Cookie Monster she wasn't so familiar with, since the blue creature doesn't appear in any of her current VCD/DVDs). At the end of the show, we still got to get on-stage for a photo-shot with these funny characters.

I got the entire performance recorded and subsequently produced into a VCD that Jae can view again and again at home. She really likes this, always breaking out into dance everytime we play the video. For those of you who missed the show, check out the final 5 minutes (YouTube doesn't allow for the entire 20 mins to be uploaded) of the performance here.

The Opposition Party


The little bio-alarm clock sounded at half past seven this morning. I propped myself up from the bed and turned to look down on the bumper bed on the floor by the foot of our bed. There little Jaimie was, fumbling to get up onto her feet. One could tell she wasn't fully awake from the way her heavy eyelids hung over her semi-opened eyes.

"媛媛, 要不要上来爸爸妈妈的床上?", I asked the girl who was now leaning onto the bedside, her head nodding in a sleepy rhythm.

"不要!", came the immediate reply.

"那么你继续在下面哪儿躺躺,好吗?" , I patted her little green pillow audibly.

"不要!". Now why arn't I surprised at all.

And then she plonked back down onto her mattress, and fell back into blissful sleep. (-_-)

Opposing just for the sake of opposing. Not unlike what we see in the local political scene...

Since we have noticed Jaimie's development of her anti-anything tendencies, it has in fact become easier for us to 'manupilate' her reactions. For example, in those instances where we'd wanted her to be carried by me at the end of a journey in the car, I'd say,

"媛媛, 妈妈抱抱, 好吗?"

"不要! 爸爸抱抱!" would come the response, very predictably.

I'd then just have to go over and pick the little rebel up, while shooting a triumphant glance over at mommy.