Wednesday, January 30

"英雄帖" Tag

Just as the tag spirit was about to croak in this blog, it miraculously got resuscitated. Not unlike how Claire Bennet regenerated her cut opened body in the morgue shortly after the tree branch was extracted from the the back of her head.

Well, this tag requires the taggee to choose which special ability from the characters in the TV series "Heroes" he'd wish to possess most.

First thought that came to mind was that it must be a hoot to have the power of invisibility (Claude Rains). With this ability, I'd be able to go anywhere I want to go and take anything I need. Ok, well...not anything, cos I wouldn't be able to carry off say a brand new regridgerator from Courts for my new home. But you know, I can live life easy by not having to work at all and simply take (ok, steal) whatever I need from the world. Not to mention the voyeuristic possibilities that'd come with being the invisible man. Morality issues aside, this is one COOL power to possess.

As I dwell upon the question posed by this tag a little further, it dawned upon me that Rains the invisible man must be a terribly lonely person. Even if one is to disregard the fact that he was constantly on the run from his ex-employer, the way he uses his power and how he renounces any and every forms of morality and social values mean that it must be extremely difficult, or impossible, to live with a person like Rains. A social outcase, an ostracised person, a lone island. I wouldn't want that for myself.

I then thought that it'd be great if I can't be hurt, should I have the powers of regneration of Claire Bennet. But I quickly realised that that which would hurt me the most is not going to be physical damage inflicted onto my body. No. It'd be harm that comes the way of my loved ones - my 2 girls, my parents, my friends. Neither becoming invisible nor re-growing my internal organs would be of any help. I'd still be crushed.

So, I have decided that the Heroes power that I wish to possess if given the choice is

the power of HEALING (Mr Linderman)

This particular power has practical, everyday kinda usage, especially if you have a kid who has tendencies to fall of beds. Also, you won't have to worry about what Means Testing...

Now, I wish this tag to be passed on to:
Do this tag, and I'd be able to know your thoughts on this issue without having to be Matt Parkman. (Provided you guys do watch Heroes lah...)

Tuesday, January 29

Tag: Heroes!

Alright... let me start a tag as requested by Idy.

Since I am currently watching "Heroes" Season 1, well, it's easy: given a choice, which special power would you like to possess?

I was in MSN with Idy when she popped me this question. I told her I would love to be able to read people's mind. This ability will help me a lot in dealing with office politics and human relations. However, being able to read peoples' mind feels like "taking the referee out of the soccer field and replace with 360 deg camera that leaves no room for doubt". hmmmm....

Then as I watched more of Heroes, I am impressed with the mega-memory ability which the waitress, Charlie had. She is so cool!! Being able to speak a foreign language fluently within a few days of learning is like a dream come true to me!!

So, people, who's your Hero?
Let this tag teleport to:

1) Clement
2) Idy

shant tag too many people in case the last few people who get this tag has no one else to tag! hahaha!!!


Monday, January 28

Where are all the TAGS?

One of the most fun things about writing blogs, is tagging.

You get "assignments" to write and you get to read about others' thoughts on the same topic.

Sometime last year there were many tag topics flying around but it has been really quiet lately.

Where are all the Tags? Shall we start some tags again? I miss doing "homework". haha~~

Sunday, January 27


Long time havn't done an animated gif clip liow, so decided to work on a cute one tonight.

Putting on my power-goggles, I can transform from a normal 21-month-old girl, into a super-powered, flight-enabled, evil-fighting, peace-upholding S-U-P-E-R-H-E-R-O!

Watch out, world! Here comes......Ultra-Jae!!!

See me take flight. Up up and away, to infinity and beyond!









Thursday, January 24

Festive Baby

Too late for Christmas?


But just in time for Chinese New Year!

Monday, January 21

Jaimie's first cousin!!!

Clement and I became Uncle and Aunty yesterday!!! Ok... not that we are already not "Uncle" and "Aunty" .... well, we are Uncle Clement and Aunty Angie to our dear nephew!!! *applause* *whistle*

Clement's brother messaged us last night to tell us that their baby boy arrived in the evening. We were all so excited! Clement took half day leave today and we visited them at Thomson Medical Centre.

Here's "Da Bo" or "Ah Pek" in Hokkien posing with the little boy weighing 3.44kg.

Here's "Bo Mu" or "Ah Mmm" (waliew!!!) posing with the 50cm little darling whose head had some bruises due to the force of the forcepts. *ouch* *sayang~~*

Here's the little boy boy who came out a few days earlier than expected. Lucky boy! He is in time to collect ang bao but he cannot play with his cousin Jaimie as his mommy will still be in confinement during the Chinese New Year period.

Here's the lovely daddy and mommy of the boy boy who is yet to be named.

This is what we brought (minus the coffee.....) to the hospital for the happy family.

Jaimie has yet to meet her cousin. Hope they can be great pals and terrorize Grandma's schnauzer, Happi, together!! Fwah hahahahahaha!!!!!

Sunday, January 20

I'll Be Back

That was what I thought to myself at my first encounter of T3.

Of course you'd know that I'm not talking about the Governor of California, but rather Changi Airport Terminal 3, which we paid a visit to this afternoon. This was the second time I've set foot at T3, but for both the girls it was their first. 'Cos I had been preoccupied with work functions during my first trip there, it was only during today's visit that I really got the opportunity to take in all the sights and sounds of this lovely new terminal.

Jae got quite excited the moment we stepped into T3, at basement 2 level. She started dashing around the very spacious locale, with us in hot pursuit. *sweat*

Some pics taken this afternoon. Too bad these didn't make it in time to become part of the T3 Mosaic....

Seeing how much Jae seemed to enjoy herself this afternoon at the airport, yes.....we'd certainly be back soon.

Saturday, January 19

Work Progress Report









The ~Link~

After the lunch meetup with 3 other BayB Supplies Forum members , a suggestion came up that the promptest blogger amongst us to put up a blog entry for this session, so that the rest of the (lazy) bloggers can simply do a link up, and not have to expend extra efforts to write a fresh post. After all, "写 blog 要有灵感的咧!", someone said.

So it didn't take too long before the group unanimously nominated (read: 'arrowed') her to take on the assigned task.

And oh my....the promised entry appeared REALLY. VERY. promptly!

So here it is. All I have to do is link up - - - -> Tada!

Friday, January 18

I Like Finger Painting

Jaimie must have had so much fun doing finger painting the other time. Today she did it again, with ketchup as the colour, french fries as a painting brush and together with her little index finger, she drew an impressionistic picture on the table in MacDonald.

Should I say, well done, my girl?

Thursday, January 17


Had to Loooon very hard while watching this clip just now, cos Jae was getting to sleep in the next room.

Walow eh.....almost dio nai siong.



Saturday, January 12

Zelia Turning One

Raymond hosted a birthday celebration for little Zelia at his place today.

It's occassions such as this that one can't help but marvel at the proverbial flight rate of time. Just see how much Zelia has grown from a year ago~!

Seeing how their baby has grown up into such a pretty little girl, it was no wonder that Ray and Jan were so filled to the brim with pride and joy while singing the birthday song and cutting the cake with their darling Zelia.

Raymond particularly, was beaming ear to ear throughout the party.

The other kids that were at the party - Jaimie, Xaeus and Xalicia, also had a good time watching TV, munching on the food (Jae especially liked the cake), and generally clowning around.

Quietly seated by the sofa watching TV. Ahh...everything's so peaceful and tranquil...

Well, not for long...Watch out! Here comes the 'Kung Fu Trio'!

Zelia, here's wishing you 快高长大 so that at next year's birthday party, you can join Gorgor and Jiejie to role play Power Rangers (or whatever you kidz would be into then)!



媛媛一到了家具店,就绝对不肯让我们牵手,或者坐购物车。她坚持要自己走来走去。 一场无可避免的战争,就拉开序幕了。




Tuesday, January 8





Sunday, January 6

Ready...Get Set...

The date has been set.

Movers will be coming to pick up the stuff at our current residence and get it moved to our future one on 3 Feb 08. Yup, that'd be the day we get to spend our first night over at the new Home. Yeah~!

In the meantime, it'd be packing, throwing and more packing.


Shopping list tally so far....

We've gotten the following settled :
  • Dining table set
  • Curtains
  • Lights
  • Fountain decor
  • Sofa set
  • TV and HT system
  • Master bedroom dresser
  • Curtains
  • Window grills and metal gate

Need to still procure these other stuff:

  • Study table and chairs
  • Jaimie's bed (or bumper bed)

And then we'd be done. We'd be recycling some of our existing furnitures like our bed and book cabinets.

Considered joing a mass order for the Ninento Wii console this afternoon (very attractive price with good savings!), but after looking at the amount of $ we've chalked up in recent expenditures, the idea was very quickly dropped. :(

Maybe next time lah....

Wednesday, January 2

The Most Uttered Word Today

... S-I-A-N ...

Tuesday, January 1

New CAR-ler


十天之后,我们抱着虔诚的心,恭敬地迎接我们家里的一分子--Nissan Latio。老Chio换了新装之后,脸上的皱纹(刮痕!!)不见了!身材也前凸后翘(之前撞到凹了进去嘛~~),继续美丽!
Chio美眉,希望你换了新衣之后心情愉快,让开车和坐在车子里的人也愉快!可以的话看看你的四个号码有没有机会开4D~~HUAT AH!!!!!!!