Saturday, May 31

Party Pics~~Part I

The weather was bad today so the gathering at Botanic Garden was moved indoor to our house. It was a little gathering cum a little birthday celebration for ZiNi mei-mei (aka RR).

Thank you for bringing the food and stuff to make the party so fun for all. Thank you for coming to the gathering! Here's some pics taken with my little camera. I hope Clement will be hardworking enough to post the pics taken with his big camera. He was quite hooked to his new toy, the Nintendo Wii recently. Hence I was the one writing all the posts lately. Hmmmp!

The theme for the party is PINK! So everybody, including the daddies, need to wear PINK. Meekfreek brought these lovely ballons which liven up the party and the kids enjoyed playing with it so much. They even had a "ballon fight"! Woooo~~

Wolfgirl did balloon sculpting and prepared goodie bags filled with goodies for the kids! The Taiwanese egg tarts bought by Viana were absolutely yummy!!! Garfield's nuggets from McDonalds is an all time favourite.

This is the Party Queen, RR.

Here's Eunice (Ms Photogenic) , Kenise (Ms Congenality), Jaimie (Mis-behave) and Isabella (Ms Most-Beautiful Hair and Eyes).

Friday, May 30

My Friend and My Gym

Mommy and I took MRT to Tiong Bahru and then we took a bus to Great World City. The train was very crowded during peak hours but I guess those uncles, aunties, gor-gors and jie-jies needed their seat more than I do. So we let them have their buttock glued to their seats. Mommy said it's ok. We can have fun by learning to balance ourselves on the MRT. I enjoyed my 30min journey to Great World City!
My Gym is open to public on Fridays. It costs $19 per entry. The setup was different from the last time we went there. I heard that the setups are different every week. I had fun climbing, crawling, kicking, throwing, bouncing, jumping, rolling, running, rocking, balancing, dancing, screaming, snatching...

Mommy and Aunty Angela both remembered their (and mine) first meeting many many months back at China Square Vi'lage. Papa took photos of Zi Ni (aka RR) mei-mei and I rocking on horses. They said that we should take another photo of us together rocking horses to compare how much we have grown!
At 11.10am, both mommy and Aunty Angela were dog-tired. I was hungry and I think so was RR mei-mei. We went to Kenny Rogers for lunch. RR mei-mei had chicken and ice cubes for lunch. I ate some butter rice, puked out the cheese marcoroni, and gulped down my Ribena. It's RR mei-mei's 2nd birthday today. I sang the Happy Birthday song to her!
RR mei-mei was sleepy and tired and she fell asleep towards the end of the lunch. I said goodbye to her and I'll see her again tomorrow at Botanic Garden!

Thursday, May 29


Papa: Do you want to go to school?
Jae: YES!!!~~~!!!

Jae: I am not going to cry in school. I'm going to smile!!
Papa: Papa is so proud of you, darling!
Jae: I don't want to go to school.
Papa: Let'g go and find the cat, ok? Where is your cat?
Jae: I want to feed the cat with the ikan bilis por-por gave me. 猫猫,来!!!
Cat: NO!!!!!!

Tuesday, May 27

The Demon Barber of Fleet Street

Move over, Sweeny Todd. Here comes Angie aka Jaimie's Mom, the REAL demon barber!


The first victim. Who's gonna be next?

Sunday, May 25

VU Haircut

Izzy mei-mei, Ilis mei-mei and Cherrlyn mei-mei have all gone for a professional cut. Mommy thinks that it's time I go for a proper haircut at the hairdresser's too.

While waiting for Uncle Ah Seng, Aunty Shelley and Arrrriii-fin jie-jie (translation: Seraphine jie-jie) to join us for lunch, mommy and papa tried to bring me to QB Cut at IMM. I wailed as loud as I could when mommy tried to put me on the chair and I clinged on to mommy like a koala bear. Mommy and papa had no choice but to bring me out of the salon. They sweet-talk me, bribe me, convince me, threaten me.... but I just won't give in. After spending half an hour outside the salon, mommy brought me in again. I did my wailing trick and mommy quickly brought me out again. Yeah!

However, mommy insisted that today is THE day I should cut my untidy hair. So she brought me to VU Cut. The hairdresser took off my clothes, wet my hair and put me in the bathroom. She used my favourite toothbrush to distract me while she quickly snipped off quite a lot of my hair. Erm... not that I have a lot of hair to begin with....

This is my new look.
Side view.

SIGH!!!!!! This is a horrible haircut! I can't even take another look at myself in the mirror!! I swear I will not step into VU Salon again! I will be good and go to QB or EC or whatever! Anything but VU!

By the way, VU Haircut is Very Ugly Haircut.

What can you do at IMM when the playground is under Renovation

The playground in IMM is undergoing renovation and won't be open till 6 June. What can you do in IMM when the playground is not available?

(1)Eat breakfast at Kopitiam. 2 half boiled eggs, 2 slices of kaya toast and a cup of teh-o for $2, half the price of what you pay at Ya-Kun. But half as delicious, lah.

(2) Do a workout at the Osim shop at their waist-trimming machine after a hearty breakfast.

(3) Do a MayDay jump on the stage. “跟我嘿!跟我嘿!跟我嘿了一起跳!”

(4) Lunch at Kopitiam (again) with your friends and spill your rice all over the table. After creating the horrendous mess, just give a cheeky look to your daddy.

(5) Get the daddies to do kiddy-ride racing.

Saturday, May 24

Playground @ Home

It was a cool and breezy afternoon.

A perfect weather to go cycling around Jurong Lake for Jae while Clement and I can take a walk to help burn off some of the huge amount of calories we consumed last night with Ah Seng and Bernard's family at Tung Lok Restaurant. Clement even removed the leg rest on Jae's little bike so that she can cycle on it. She has been learning to cycle and can go on her own for a short distance forward before she involuntarily reversed direction and cycled backwards.

Jae was very excited about plan A until she reached the ground floor where the playground was. She decided that she wanted to go for plan B instead. ie. playing at the playground. We tried about 100 ways to asked her to go cycling instead but in vain. She became angry after we asked the 101th time. And so we gave up. Your wish is granted, Princess.

Eat With Your Family Day

昨天是"Eat With Your Family Day"。中午的时候就接到老公的简讯,说今天晚上约了Ah Seng 一家人还有Bernard与Dawn去Sixth Ave吃巴西式烤肉大餐。后来因为订不到位,我们就改在Arena的同乐吃。

说真的,Ah Seng,Bernard,等等这群朋友,就跟家人没两样。大家都是新加坡人,却千里迢迢到英国才互相认识,结果成了非常要好的朋友。有时候,人生需要兜个圈子,才找到目标。缘分真的是很奇妙的一样东西!



Wednesday, May 21

Rojak post

Jaimie's Uncle Ernest came back from the States for his summer break and so we met up for dinner last night. The restuarant that ye-ye picked for the family gathering was Yunnan Garden at One North Star. Yunnan Garden restaurant used to have a branch in IMM and that's where we held our wedding banquet 10 years ago!

Jaimie warmed up to Ernest very quickly and she was singing songs to entertain everyone during the dinner.

My mom told me that Jaimie coughed till she vomitted in childcare centre today. So Clement took half day off to bring her to Sims Place to see the usual chinese sinseh. Clement said that after the consultation, Jaimie asked the doctor for a sweet. Shame girl!

Jaimie had a star stamped on her right hand today. When I asked her who stamped the red star on her hand, she told me "Miss Tan". I probed further and asked why did Ms Tan give her the stamp, she replied that it was because she was a good girl. Of course I took the opportunity to say that school is such a lovely place where they give good girls red stars and Ms Tan is such a wonderful teacher. Jaimie looked at her star with pride in her eyes. :)

Sunday, May 18

Some Miracle

Watched "Charlotte's Web" on DVD with the girls today.

Great book (havn't read it, but it must be great, cos even the movie that it is based upon is so wonderful).

Great movie.

Great song.

Ordinary Miracle
Sarah McLachlan

It's not that usual when everything is beautiful
It's just another ordinary miracle today

The sky knows when its time to snow
You don't need to teach a seed to grow
It's just another ordinary miracle today

Life is like a gift they say
Wrapped up for you everyday
Open up and find a way
To give some of your own

Isn't it remarkable?
Like every time a raindrop falls
It's just another ordinary miracle today

Birds in winter have their fling
And always make it home by spring
It's just another ordinary miracle today

When you wake up everyday
Please don't throw your dreams away
Hold them close to your heart
Cause we are all a part
Of the ordinary miracle

Ordinary miracle
Do you want to see a miracle?

It seems so exceptional
That things just work out after all
It's just another ordinary miracle today

The sun comes up and shines so bright
It disappears again at night
It's just another ordinary miracle today

Ooohh Oooohh

It's just another ordinary miracle today

Swing. Stick. Loop.

Just as a spider's web is one, how certain things just happen to fall in place, how the little things around converge and get weaved into the fabric of one's life, is nothing short of a miracle.

Yes, miracles do happen, even to ordinary folks. To my girls - thanks for being mine.

An Evening At Clark Quay

When was the last time we went to Clark Quay? I couldn't remember but I remembered Daimaru was still in Liang Court the last time we went there.

So, the place is so different now! There was even a fountain playground for children! Hmmm... I think it was the place where they used to have a live band and a beer garden. Nevermind...

We walked along Clark Quay and Jaimie shouted that she wanted to take the River Taxi (is it still called River Taxi?) Of course we did not say YES to the request... As she was munching on the waffer biscuits I gave her from my ice cream, she saw the reverse Bungee and exclaimed to us that "Ball ball... AHH! DOWN! AHH! DOWN!" By the way, Clement and I both had certificates to certify that we had taken the reverse bungee (they call it Bungee Bullet) in Australia in 1995! All I could remember was that I was screaming and screaming and screaming. I wonder if I have the courage to go on the reverse bungee one more time?

We haven't taken a family photo for a long time. After the photo was taken, Jaimie started to misbehave and sent my blood pressure as high as the reverse bungee, causing me a headache (LITERALLY!) and a fiery temper. The last time I felt this way was during the last Genting trip when we had lunch at MarryBrown....