Thursday, November 3

The Cherubic Seraphine

Look at my inflatable playhouse, all filled up with my baba Yeow Seng's breath!

Netball prodigy

YS : No no no...what mama and the aunties are making have not been certified fit for children consumption. 上刀山,下火海 leave it to baba and uncle Shu Herng. You stick to your porridge. 乖....

The Contingency Plan

Yes, like all well-trained chefs, the girls did come up with a contingency effort as insurance against utter and absolute failure to produce edible pastries. After some deliberation, they opted for the fail-safe Betty Crocker choc cake-mix. Wise choice.

Well-calibrated equipment and fully scientific instruments were employed in this exercise. The ingredients had to be prepared in exact mass portions in order to obtain the perfect mixture. Measurements of volume and mass were made to three decimel places.

The impressive concoction is then carefully placed into the highly sophisticated incubation machinery. Just look at those knobs and'd know this is no child's play.

Wow. 果然香味十足!外脆内嫩!Looked good and tasted even better. Good job, girls!

(Note : author feels obliged to end on a positive note after putting in some dubious comments in previous post)

Cornish Pastries

The girls started out with Cornwall receipe. Ended up adding Maggi chicken cubes and sesame oil and god-knows-what in this stuff. Yeew.

Finsihed product. Aesthetics - 7.2/10. Taste - 4.8/10. Expectations* - met.

(*Expectations - upon consumption, would not need to follow up with doctor consultation and/or eating carbon pills.)

果然是皮厚,馅少!No...thankfully, that is not blood coughed up after eating the oversized's actually chilli sauce, served together with the dish by the chefs. Yes, the sauce did help in masking the otherwise blandness. Good job!

The Return Of The Chefs

Atfer 2 years of kitchen-free days, the girls of Watchfield & Highworth re-donned their aprons and stepped back into the realm of food creation. The challenge - Cornish Pastries (Cornwall receipe). Level of difficulty - 5.6/10. Guinae pigs - SH & YS. :-(