Monday, August 30


This is for record purpose only.

I ate 9 mini pies from Delifrance today. 2 for breakfast, 3 for lunch and 4 for dinner. plus 1.5 sponge cake from Angie the Choice.

I didn't make the choice.

This was just some of the left over food from the potluck yesterday. Clement and his colleagues had the gathering at our place and since some of them didn't want to bring home the food, we kept them in our fridge.


Note to self: next time must insist the guests to bring back the food.

I nearly died from eating 九连“Pie” and not to mention the calories and fat.

I just sent Clement a sms. I will seriously murder the person who buys me pies for the next 12 mths.


Sunday, August 29

Jaimie's 15mins Pet

We planned to bring Jaimie to the Science Centre water playground but unfortunately it was raining in the morning. So we went to visit the exhibits again in the science centre.

Jaimie knew her way in the Science Centre pretty well. During one of our visits, we witnessed the hatching of a chick . Today, we witnessed another one again! How amazing! Today we were even luckier because the worker came to move the chicks around the dome and he picked up the little birds so that the children could have a up close and personal view of the little chicks (before we see them again in KFC).

Jaimie was exclaiming and exclaiming when she saw the chickens. She dared not touch them until Clement held one in his hands and put them on hers. After that, Jaimie transformed to Mother Hen and she protected it fiercely.

Jaimie had a good time with the chick for about 15mins before we leave for lunch at McDonalds. We had McSpicy burger and McChicken... I am not sure if Jaimie can relate the chick she was holding dearly just 10mins ago to her lunch. Anyway...
This last photo is quite funny with Clement sitting/ spying in the background. I can imagine him spying on Jaimie like that when she goes dating...muahahahahahaha!

Tuesday, August 24

Well Done, Isabelle Li!

I was sitting by the TV last evening, joining thousands of Singaporeans in the Indoor Stadium to cheer for our very own table tennis star, Isabelle Li, in the gold medal match against China's Gu YuTing.

Although Li did not win the game, she did Singapore proud by bringing in the second silver medal for the 2010 Youth Olympics Games. I think she did Singapore even prouder with her excellent sportsmanship and her superb fight against the much experienced and stronger opponent. It was a very exciting match indeed and I am sure those who watched the match will agree with me.

The medals brought home by our athletics will surely be a great motivation for others to work harder and strive for excellence.

I have one example at home.

Saturday, August 21


I am quite sure August is a bad month for us -- as far as our teeth are concerned.

Clement extracted 2 wisdom teeth this month in 2 weeks. I made my 16th trip to the dentist since June and still counting.

This morning, to my horror, I realised that a diamond is missing on my wedding band!


Now my wedding band needs to go for an "implant" too.

Friday, August 20

Bento #135 (and Jaimie's Bento #1)

Bento is all about making food with L.O.V.E, isn't it? So, let's splash a lot of love and hearts in this one. I could have sliced the sausage and piece them together forming a heart shape but again, I was running out of time in the morning!

Jaimie's first bento (touched up by mommy). I haven't seen her since morning and I wonder how is she enjoying the bento she made, er, partitially.

Thursday, August 19

The Apprentice

Jaimie making her own breakfast bento! :)
The teacher will touch up for her tomorrow morning.

Tuesday, August 17

Bento #134

I need sleep. I seriously do.

I look terribly tired and hagged. Waking up at 5am is really no joke although I enjoy making bentos in the morning very much. If I have to wake up at 5am, that means I need to sleep earlier. That means I have less time to surf net, kpo on FB, write blog, read books... :(

Hence, the solution is, you make really simple bento. The rice was my mom's famous long bean rice which she gave me yesterday. The curry chicken was from a Malay stall. I just needed to blanch the shanghai green. With that, I get an extra 50mins of sleep.


The Prize

Me: Good night, Jaimie.
Jae: Oyasuminasai!
Me: Oyasumi. Oh, let me tell you something. Papa got the highest marks in class for the Japanese test. 爸爸第一名~
Jae: Yeah! 爸爸第一名! *Throws herself at me*
Me: Whoa!
Jae: I give you hug-hug as prize for (being) number one!
Me: Thank you, dear *感动*. You'd have to work hard next time, so you can be number one too, ok?
Jae: Ok! When I am number one, I'd get gold medal as prize. Then I'd give medal to Papa.
Me: *特感动*

Monday, August 16

Bento #133

I was mass producing bento-s this morning again. 6 in total. 4 for my students, 1 for Clement and 1 for myself. I was pressing for time in the morning and hence Clement took these pictures for me.
I copied the idea from a bento making book by making these little onigiris little hoods using inari skin. To save time, I fried the luncheon meat and hard boiled the eggs the night before. I bought some Japanese pickles too. Guess what? It goes extremely well with the honey cherry tomatoes! I put the pickles in my mouth and it was too salty. I popped in a tomato at the same time and the taste was marvellous!
Clement said his photos didn't do my bento-s justice as he felt that they were the nicest one I have made so far. Hmmm... but I felt that I could do better if I had another half an hour. WAIT! That means waking up at 4.30am~~!!! NOOOooooooo~!

Saturday, August 14

Little Miss Chatterbox

Not much has changed insomuch as this girl's storytelling abilities is concerned.

She still chatters on and on, despite the lack of any real audience.

She still uses a prop book, drawing the slightest of inspiration from the contents for the concoction of her tale.

She still favours the use of hand gestures, which she liberally employs to spruce up her storytelling efforts.

As for the listeners, it is still the greatest challenge, or perhaps the silliest, to attempt to make sense out of whatever she is blabbering on about.



Thursday, August 12

YOG Torch Relay

This is really once in a life time thing! How often do you get to cheer for the Olympics torch relay??

Our school made a lot of preparations to cheer for the torch bearers as they would be passing by our school today. More importantly, these 2 torch bearers who would be running pass our school are our students!! So proud of them!!! By 10.30am, the entire school was lined up along the road where our students will be running to get ready for them. You can really feel the excitement in the air!
Even the little children from the neighbouring nursery were lining up to witness the special moment.

Finally, the moment arrived!

The torch bearers were on this red bus. They alighted at their assigned destination to get ready for their relay.

Sponsors distributing fan, coke and other souvenirs to our students.

The boy in orange t-shirt is the torch bearer from our school.

We returned to school at 11.40am. I am glad I witnessed the relay! This is perhaps my only involvement in the YOG~~:D

Monday, August 9

2010 NDP Gathering

It's our monthly gathering again and this time Viv was doing a story telling cum steamboat dinner cum pledge taking at 2010hr on National Day!

Viv told a lovely story about a magical garden. The children participated spontaneously in the activities!

The children creating their own magical garden!

The delicious and healthy steamboat dinner Viv and Jacky prepared for the guests. Yummy yummy!!!

The children loved their dinner! Noodles seems to be every child's favourite staple.

Busy serving the little ones. Only when they had eaten then we could sit down and have a peaceful meal.
We came in our national colours! We were prepared to take the pledge at 2010hr!
I bought some koniyaku. See, I chose only red and white jellies for the occasion.

However, the 4 of us had such a good time chatting in the room after dinner (and oblivious to the children's screaming) that we missed Jaimie's loud calling for us to take the pledge. By the time we realised, we missed the moment. Well well...

We realised that Ultraman might be a Singaporean...

We couldn't believe this! Viv's homemade durian puff!!!!!!!!! They were better than the best in Singapore!!!! We just attacked them the moment she stuffed the durian fillings into the custard bun.

Although we missed the pledge taking moment, it doesn't mean we are less patriotic. We love our little island because this is where our families and friends are! National Day is best spent with best friends!
Thanks Viv and Jack, for orgainsing the gathering!! We had a great time!!!