Sunday, August 19

Children's Birthday Parties in July and August

Jaimie attended 3 birthday parties in 2 months. In July, it's her best and favourite jie-jie Seraphine's 8 yrs' old party. Yeow Seng and Shelley invited us to Pasta Mania in Nex for a pizza making session for the kids. What did the adults do when the kids were busy in the kitchen? We catch up with one another! It's really good to be with old friends while the kids enjoyed themselves!

We had another awesome party with another group of awesome friends. It's Cherrlyn's 6 yrs old party! The kids met in Scoop of Art in Marine Parade CC. They chose an art piece to do individually and what did the adults do?

We chit chat, catch up and crack jokes while munching on the finger food. NICE~

The kids had a marvellous time that evening.

Happy Birthday, Cherrlyn dear!

Jaimie's lantern. We put a tea candle inside the lantern and it looks beautiful!

It's Hari Raya and Jaimie was invited to her classmate Kai Qian's birthday bash at Amazing Kids at SAFRA Jurong. Kai Qian was one of her best friends, besides Teryl, Wei Ying and Samantha. I wonder if the girls would remember this beautiful friendship they shared after they leave their childcare at the end of this year.

Pinata was always a hit with the kids. They practically went wild when the sweets fell onto the floor.

As I am writing this post, it suddenly occured to me that birthday celebration is a celebration of friendship too! Jaimie hasn't had a birthday celebration with her friends before. Maybe I should do one for her next year or so. :)